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beach wedding venues near Traverse City, MI anyone???

Hey gals!
I am a newly engaged girl looking for a venue for a beach/outdoor wedding for as cheap as possible w/o looking too cheap... Im not set on the wedding being IN traverse, but somewhere in the vacinity would be nice. And the ceremony doesnt necessarily have to be ON the beach, but water or some natural element in the background is preferable. Also, I think I would like to do the ceremony and reception in the same place..? Ive looked at most of the hotels by the bay and for the most part, theyre all full for the weekends Im looking at, or WAAAAAY out of price range. Im new @ this, as Im sure we ALL are, but Im becoming frazzled as its already heading into February and were looking @ tying the knot in late August-early September... Any suggestions would be appreciated TREMENDOUSLY!!!  PLEASE HELP!!! :=/
Thanks! :=)

Re: beach wedding venues near Traverse City, MI anyone???

  • Hi - congratulations!  We are getting married Labor Day weekend in TC and everyone recommended waiting until the weekend after because everything is much less crowded and in most cases you are not paying prime summer time hotel rates.  We had challenges in finding hotels that would offer decent room block rates.   So if September is an option, I would do it - its still pretty nice there.  In fact last year, we were there the first weekend of October and it was 80 degrees!

    I know of two hotels offer beach weddings - the Holiday Inn and the Park Shore.  The Grand Traverse Resort does too.  There is a newer wedding/reception location called Visions.  Its on West Bay up M-72 near Scott's Harbor Grill.  Really pretty, they have an outdoor ceremony site.  They own another place in Benzie County.  Not sure of your budget, but you can provide your own alcohol.

    We are getting married at Timberlee Hills.  Its not the beach, but they have a nice outdoor ceremony spot up on a hill with pretty views.  We found the pricing to be affordable for our budget.

    You might also want to check out Frog Pond Village.  They have two sites for weddings with a more rustic feel, but have nice natural surroundings.

    Hope this helps!
  • The Portage Point Inn in Okemaka is about an hour from Traverse but they have an awesome beachfront wedding location and the price is not bad.

    WARNING - I just spent 4 months negotiating our contract only to find out that they are likely being bought out and they decided to cancel our contract and have to replan my entire wedding. Beware!
  • Westbay Event Center may be a good option. Also, depending on how many people you want and how far out of TC you would want to be, the Elk Rapids Marina could be another option.
  • I am getting married at Visions at Center Pointe in Traverse City Memorial Weekend of 2014. Bob & Jo are absolutely fabulous. I DO NOT recommend Frog Pond. It is beautiful however they nickle & dime you for everything, plus you don't have that gorgeous view of the water.

  • My cousin got married at the park at the end of 8th street. That is on the bay. They set up everything themselves there. It was very nice. 

    Kelly's Catering also has an area for ceremonies that looks out over a little creek. It is very pretty. 

    There is also a beautiful beach off Peterson Rd in Honor. It is sort of nearby the Platte River Camp Grounds. The beach is very rarely busy and I saw a wedding happen there once. That is a beach on Lake Michigan, so it has a beautiful view of the dunes and whatnot. 
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