National Aviary Brides!

Hello All!  I am planning a June 2015 wedding and have booked the National Aviary!  (Beautiful, unique, reasonably priced venue, if you are looking!)

I am curious to those of you that did use the Aviary, or are planning on it, what is your game plan for keeping flowers fresh and getting everything set up?  I know the Aviary doesn't let you really do alot until 5pm, but was curious how everyone handled their wedding evenings there.  :)  Thanks for any input!  I truly appreciate it!

Re: National Aviary Brides!

  • I work at the aviary as a bird trainer in the day time :) don't have much info about weddings though
  • If you are planning to have your wedding or reception outside they will let rent the tent out before 3pm for an additional fee (as long as they don't have anything else booked on your day). You can email Katie to see if that is a possibility if it applies to you. Katie is amazing to work with!

    If you are only using the Atrium you are stuck with having to wait until 5 pm. I'm getting married there in a month, so if I figure out any tips I'll be sure to let you know.
  • Ok. I am using the whole facility, rose garden, tent and atrium. I'll get a hold of Katie, thanks.
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