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Ceremony Only Space Inside - Historic Setting Wanted

I plan on getting married in Feb 2015. However I can't find a ceremony location that is reasonable (<1000) and the right kind of atmosphere.

A nice historical building or even a old church is the kind of atmosphere I'm going for. I'm hoping some of you might have done ideas of places. Please and thank you!

Re: Ceremony Only Space Inside - Historic Setting Wanted

  • Check out the Ballroom at Park Lane. I contacted them about reception pricing, so I am not sure what they would charge for ceremony only. But it is absolutely gorgeous . If it's too pricey, there are other interesting/historical locations around University Circle.

  • mlg78mlg78 member
    500 Love Its 1000 Comments Second Anniversary 5 Answers
    The old courthouse downtown.

  • For how many people?
  • @Erikan73 150 people.
    @mlg78 The old courthouse is very expensive for ceremony only.

  • If you're ok with an old church check out Immanuel Luthern Church in Tremont. It was built in the 1800's, has beautiful stained glass windows and ornate alter statues and a wonderful pipe organ. It's cozy and wit 150 you will have plenty of space but it's small enough that it will look like a full church. Not sure of the price, my family knew the pastor there who is now retired so not sure if the price we paid was the regular price or a member price. But I think even the regular price is well under $1,000
  • Frostville Village Church is beautiful, but only holds 100 people.
  • @uszakk We ended up going with Park Place. It's great. And we got a lot of money off for a February Friday Morning Ceremony. Thanks a lot!
  • That's great! What a wonderful space, it will be so lovely :)
  • We're getting married at The Grand Pacific Junction Hotel in Olmsted falls. It's in an old historic building that was built during the 1830's and the little historic buildings in the same area are adorable. We saw it set up for 135 people and it was comfortable. We're having 120 so it works for us. Not sure if it'll be too small for you.. And it was $1200 to rent I believe.. But worth looking into!
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