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Anything you would have done differently?

Is there anything you would have done differently in regards to your wedding? Different dress? Different venue? Different colors? Etc?

I think I did a fairly decent job with the planning and organizing, but I would have been more careful about my color choices. I chose seafoam, and if you Google the word "seafoam" you get minty green, blueish green, and bright light blue. My daughter's flower girl dress, son's ringbearer tie/suspenders and the paper lanterns and invites all had the blueish seafoam. My MOH's dress is more mint green, fiance's tie and so are my chair packs (even though labeled as seafoam). But...I think the combo of the blues and greens with the pale yellow (second color) will still look very beachy. I am just very OCD about matching!
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Re: Anything you would have done differently?

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    I would have picked a DJ from the beginning or I wouldn't have taken my venue's word that their sound system was "good" and we could use our iPods instead of hiring a DJ. I found out 90 days before the wedding that their system was pretty crappy and I scrambled to find a DJ last minute which meant we had to go over budget. It ended up being fine, and it was my own fault but, I loved our venue so much I didn't look into it. Live and learn.

    Other than that, everything else is okay and I'm pretty content with the colors and how thing else is working out. We're going to have good food, good drinks, and I'm doing my absolute best to make sure everyone is properly hosted. No cash bar, plenty of seats, and everyone's SO is invited!
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  • My fiance's tie is "seafoam" so i think we have the same issue! My bridesmaids dresses are "aqua" at Alfred Angelo which makes me think light blue, but it has a more green tint. I love the color but it has too many names!

    If I could do it over I would have just gone to Vegas lol I let too many opinions matter and I feel like my wedding is what everyone else wants, not me. In the end I know we will be married and everyone will hopefully have a good time. I just have a major case of the F*** its
  • @Ibuet - Yeah...seafoam is a beautiful color, but there are too many shades of it. Although some may be more mint and some more blue, I still think it will look pretty cool. I hope.

    And yes-- Vegas crossed my mind too after shelling out X amount of dollars! I just wanted everyone to be there. I'm too much of a family person. 
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