Need Suggestions for wedding venues!

My biggest issue is that we are planning to be married next year July 2015. Financially we want to have a budget of $10k but, it always seems like things keep "Coming up." I am realizing that most venues that we have looked at like Park Tavern, Carter Center, The W Hotel and so on are requiring us to have all the money upfront which I don't have now. I am kind of worried that we won't be able to get a nice venue if we can't afford to pay for it now. Any suggestions?

Re: Need Suggestions for wedding venues!

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    I think you need to ask them whether or not you can make a deposit rather than full payment when you book. That seems odd to me...all of the venues I looked at only required a deposit with final payment due by the wedding date. How can they ask for all the money up front when you don't even have a confirmed headcount? I'd keep looking...and asking.

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    Almost any venue will require a deposit upfront to hold your date, but most don't require the full amount upfront. That seems strange to me, because all the venues I looked at (which was a LOT) only required a deposit. The places you listed are toward the expensive end. You might have more luck looking for a venue that allows you to use the caterer of your choice, that way you can shop around for the best prices on each. There are great recommendations on this board for affordable venues and caterers, you can find them using the search feature. Good luck!
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  • Thank you so much. It is pretty expensive to rent from those venues plus afford food. It stated the venue its self would be$1000 its the food and bar that kills you. Approximately $43 per person for food and $24 per open bar which is minimal beer and wine.
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