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Stay Away from Weddington Way

I will honestly say I usually don't do these things but I don't want anyone else to go through what I did. This has totally become a nightmare for not only myself and my bridesmaids but for my fiance as well. I thought Weddington Way would have been a good idea because all of my bridesmaids are from all around the country (ie. California, NY, NJ, ect.). As it turns out I completely regret having my girls order from this site. They not only take such a long time to make and ship the dresses but for the price, the quality is horrible. Not only that, every single one of my girls had issues! I would understand maybe one or two but all SIX of my girls had problems. Even with sending your measurements, having THEIR stylists give recommendations, and ordering multiple sizes UP, every single one of my girls had the problem of the dresses being TOO SMALL! Some of my girls even complained that there were parts of their dress with threads hanging loose and frayed to the point they thought the dress would unravel. When I
called for help their stylists first said there was nothing they can, no refunds or exchanges, the girls could only bring their dresses for alerations. Later after leaving a bad review on their Facebook page they had another stylist contact me to try to 'help'. After multiple emails and phone calls all they can do is give us a small refund which is almost like a slap in the face and send fabric 'complementary' for one of my girls. 2 had to spend another $100 for alterations and while sending the fabric is helpful, my wedding is in ONE MONTH and they can't even send me the fabric right away. I can only hope we get the fabric in time to finish alterations for my wedding. Save yourself the headache and stress and don't order your dresses from here. I totally and completely regret having my girls order here. For the price, quality, and stress it isn't worth it. Don't make my same mistake, get your dresses somewhere else.

Re: Stay Away from Weddington Way

  • UGH! So sorry you and your girls had to deal with something like that. As if planning a wedding isn't stressful enough, adding this headache to it must have been horrible. Hopefully everything else goes smoothly from here! Good Luck and congratulations!!
  • I am not sure if its to late or your colors, but my girls are renting their dresses through little borrowed dress. I ordered one to see the quality and they look good and a range of sizes!!
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