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DB Alterations - ballpark?

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Hi guys! I'm going in for my first fitting next week and I have no idea even roughly what alterations typically cost. I want to be a least a little prepared when I go in there.

I realize it's different for every dress, but I don't even know if it's likely to be closer to $200 or $800. I've seen some comments on here about brides thinking a couple hundred was high, and I know I have friends who spent more than that. I have no clue! My dress seems straightforward (says the girl who doesn't know how to thread a needle)... no overlays, no lace... just a rouched mermaid dress that's fitted to mid-thigh, and with seams down each side. I bought a size 8 because the girl at DB told me to fit the biggest part your body, and I'm a wee bit busty. But the rest of me is a size 4 so I'm a little nervous - that seems like a lot of sizes to drop. Anyway, I budgeted $300. Any idea if I'm remotely close?

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