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Minnesotan ladies: Long distance planning & cheaper photo/video please?

Hey there!
I saw someone else with a discussion like this but I wanted to get advice that applies more to me :D

A little background...
I'm in minnesota and my soon-to-be fiancee (sounds funny I know, but I know he is going to propose soon which would ruin it for some but it gave me the go ahead to start planning!!)..  is in the Army in georgia. We have been talking more openly now about planning the wedding since I decided on next may and I have realized all that it entails.

Now the distance I know is hard enough since we will need engagement photos and because he will be on leave we will need to get those pictures done as soon as possible or it will be too late since we only visit each other every 6 months. Other than that I have gotten past the fact we wont be able to be like every couple and walk hand in hand to go to the venue, the florist, photographer, taste test the cakes, etc etc! But the hardest part truly is the money. I went in to this process naive about what needed to be booked and all the little things like wedding favors but I didnt about the cost (luckily). However, the cost is still an issue!!
The wedding will be in Minnesota so Minnesotan ladies I need some help! I know there are many places that give military discounts for music, photo and video but for around here they are looking very scarce. I know I can always ask and see how much they could knock off the price but their prices are already SO much higher than I anticipated. Does anyone know of some cheaper companies?? Or really any great ideas on how to save me money on this wedding?

Re: Minnesotan ladies: Long distance planning & cheaper photo/video please?

  • You may have more luck posting this on your local board if you haven't already. In regards to saving money, engagement pictures aren't a requirement, in fact I think they're a relatively new thing. You could just skip them and save some money there. I didn't have them.
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    You certainly don't "need" engagement photos. As far as military discount, my kid asks for it every time she buys anything.
  • Midwest Sound in the Twin Cities is a DJ company that offers a substantial discount to military couples. Buttercream Cakes does as well.  May would be absolutely stunning, but have you considered a fall or winter wedding? A lot of vendors have discounted rates for "off season" weddings in Minnesota. As for photography or video, I'm not entirely sure. Make sure you include military clauses in all your contracts should your fiance's service force you guys to change your date! Happy Planning and Congratulations! 
  • Look at small towns in MN - we are having our wedding in WI and everything in Madison was WAY overbudget, but as soon as I found small vendors in little towns everything became much more affordable. And more unique and fun :)

    My strategy was to look at the closest small towns to the venue, and then google vendors in each of those towns.  Worked great and now our wedding is surprisingly way under budget
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