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Wedding Gifts for Wedding Party?

I'm having a hard time figuring out who all we have to get gifts for. I know the parents and grandparents and bridesmaids, but anyone else?

This is what we have in our wedding (full mass):
5 Bridesmaids
5 Groomsmen
2 Flower Girls
1 Ring Bearer
2 Ushers
2 Readers (one of the ushers will be a reader as well)
1 Presider
2 Gift Bearers
4 Parents
7 Grandparents

Who all do I need gifts for? All of them I would assume, right? What do you get your Priest?

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Re: Wedding Gifts for Wedding Party?

  • We got (small) gifts for our WP.  For the priest, we found out what his favorite restaurant was and got him a giftcard, as well as a picture of the three of us from the day of the wedding.



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    I've never seen anyone give gifts to grandparents, other than a corsage or bout at the wedding.  We are giving gifts to all those you have listed, except grandparents (although none will be there).  We're giving our priest cash.  Some priests have to give any money they receive for performing a weddng to their order, so I would only go the cash route if you're okay with that.  
  • altar servers should receive some cash or a small gift as well.
    grandparents dont need gifts, just bouts and corsages
    we gave our priest money.
  • I want to do something for the grandparents, if it wasn't for them we wouldn't be here. They're very important to us.

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    [QUOTE]I want to do something for the grandparents, if it wasn't for them we wouldn't be here. They're very important to us.
    Posted by lv0408307[/QUOTE]

    We told our parents that there was no way any small gift could thank them for all they did for us.  We planned on buying photo albums for them, but my MIL beat us to the punch and ordered her own.  I'm still making one for my parents when I get my pictures, but we're trying to think of something else for my ILs.

    I don't know how much you are paying for your wedding, but we paid for ours almost completely on our own.  We kind of explained to our parents that a gift was "in the works" while we saved up money.  I still don't know what we're doing for my ILs.

    I would think a photo album from your wedding day would be great for your grandparents.  I'm a huge fan of gifts with meaning, rather than trinkets.  If they are religious, some kind of spiritual gift would probably be really nice.



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    I was planning on giving photo albums for the parents and grandparents. Professors suggestion of a spiritual gift got me thinking though. I was planning on getting some of my wedding flowers made into a rosary for myself. Maybe that could also make a nice gift for grandparents or my FMIL in addition to photo books.

    Here is the site I came across (I think someone on the this board mentioned it a long time ago).
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