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I'm in the process of planning for a 2015 wedding in Pittsburgh and I'm in need of some recommendations for reception sites. We're paying for the wedding ourselves, so ideally I'd like to spend as little as possible while still having a nice experience and still have money to live with after the wedding. Because we haven't set a specific date or signed on with any vendors yet, we have some flexibility with time, but I would like to start getting things in motion soon.  As of now, we are planning for about 125 people; We'd love to have all our family and friends there, but if we need to cut down on the guest list, we could make it happen. The kicker is, we're attempting to stay under 10k for everything.  I realize that limits a lot of our options, but I'd like to see if this is something we can pull off (or if I'm not being realistic).   The way I see it is, if there's a way we can put together a nice wedding and walk away without starting our next chapter in life in debt then its at least looking into.  I've read examples of other low budget weddings and I think with the right place, budget friendly vendors and some DIY projects it might just work.  Do any other Pittsburgh brides have ideas on ways I can make this happen, or should we just scrap the idea and elope?


Re: Budget Reception Recommendations

  • If you have the time and don't mind doing a lot of the projects yourself and possibly compromising on some things you would want but don't need I think that you will be fine! I give you lots of credit for taking it on! I am not sure the overall feel/theme you are going for but the laural highlands have a few beautiful locations for more of a country feel or Syria shriners has a gorgeous reception area that is pretty reasonable for a more elegant feel.  Most of your budget will go to venue/food so I would choose that first because you can find and negotiate all your other vendor costs.  Hope that helps and good luck!
  • Oh, this is definitely possible! Our budget is 7K, and so far we've even doing pretty well keeping within that budget. If you would like any info about our vendors or anything, feel free to pm  me :)
  • We are in Pittsburgh and having 175 guests for about $12,000 total. We are having the reception at The Fez and our total cost for one of their more expensive buffet packages including hors d oeuvres, house shelf bar, cake, taxes and service charges is $52 per person. There are no extra includes linens, cake cutting, cookie traying, parking, wedding coordinators who set everything up for you and if you like their centerpieces you can use them for free or they will set yours up if you bring your own. I have their brochure in my email if you would like me to forward it to you.
  • I am having my wedding at the Phipps Garden Center (not inside the conservatory) its on Shady Ave. by the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and their rental fee is reasonable. They can do 120 people cocktail style as what I am having and you can get married right inside the Mellon park which is right beside it. The kicker is you have to stick with certain caterers and we chose Phipps. But as of the moment we have had great service from them. It is not a popular venue since it does not hold much people but I think its worth looking at. You can provide your own alcohol.
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