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second guessing my gown

I felt beautiful and everyone loved it. So why am rethinking my dress. Should I remove the halter? Ughhhh... I thought this would be more fun and id find the dress and be solid in my choice. Tell me what you guys think.

Re: second guessing my gown

  • I think it looks great on you, but if you want to remove the halter, that's really simple.  Don't worry too much.  Almost every bride has moments of second guessing the dress.  
  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario member
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    I would remove the halter.
  • I think you're right about the halter.
  • It's not my personal style, but it looks nice on you. I'd definitely get rid of that halter, though. 
  • The body of the dress looks great! Loose the halter and fix the tulle bow in your hair so it's not obstructing the back of the dress. (A veil could work, but the ribbon effect takes away from the back of the dress.)
  • agree with PP to remove the halter!

    chasseuse I think the tulle bow is actually the tied halter :)
  • I would definitely get rid of the halter, but otherwise gorgeous on you!
  • AlisonM23 said:
    agree with PP to remove the halter!

    chasseuse I think the tulle bow is actually the tied halter :)
    Oh dear! Then definitely get rid of the halter!
  • Remove the halter. It's a gorgeous dress!

  • I agree with everyone else. The dress looks lovely on you. Just get rid of the halter & you're all set :)
  • buttercup1958buttercup1958 Blue Smokey Mountains
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    I think it looks great on you. Is the halter needed to hold the dress up?
  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    Remove the halter.  It just looks like it was an after thought rather then a part of the original dress design.

    Also, I am not a big fan of the belt.

  • I agree with PP. I am no strapless fan, but the halter straps seem out of place. 
  • I agree with all of you. Thank you guys.
  • Maggie0829 I really like the belt.
  • It's a stunning dress, and it looks perfect on you. You have nothing to worry about! If the halter bothers you, it's an easy thing to change. I feel like dress regret/second thoughts is so normal. 

    Take some time away from wedding stuff, particularly wedding DRESS stuff, and do something else. Clear your head, relax, and then go back and decide whether or not you need to change stuff about your dress. Either way, you look gorgeous :) 
  • Having similar issues with dress regret lately. I think it's just because there's way more to think about with a wedding dress than anything else I've ever worn, and it's taking a lot if time and effort to get it just right. Agree with other posters about the halter, but it fits you well and you look lovely!
  • I think this gown looks STUNNING on you! It hits your curves in all the right places and is so flattering to your figure.

    Halter tops aren't generally my thang, but I don't think this looks too bad. However, it looks like it would be a really easy fix (even one you could make at the very last minute) if you wanted to have it removed. 
  • Please leave the belt alone!! I love the belt! Do what you will with the halter but the sash is great! You look amazing in that dress.
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