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Hi everyone,

I am hoping to reach any DW brides out there who have gotten married in Portugal.  My fiance and I have rented a villa in Portugal for a week in June 2015, and plan to have both our ceremony and reception there.  However, trying to plan a wedding from Ohio seems like an impossible feat.  Does anyone have any recommendations on budget friendly wedding planners that could help in the Colares region?


Re: Portugal Wedding Planner

  • I'm getting married in Portugal next July and I've been in contact with a few wedding planners there too.  Most wedding planners I found were in the Algarve or Lisbon regions, but you can definitely go with any planner you find in Lisbon for the area you've chosen.  I speak Portuguese (both my parents were born in Portugal) but my FI doesn't, so a planner that speaks English is a MUST for us.  I'm getting married 2.5 hours north of Lisbon but the only planners I found (that were somewhat close) are in Lisbon. I haven't decided on one yet but here are the two that I'm deciding between (there were a few that didn't even give me a quote because my budget was too low)

    Como Branco - (we're in the midst of getting a quote but we're pushing for them because they've done a wedding at our venue before) 

    Something Borrowed - (the most reasonably priced...and super helpful on Skype!)

    Hope that helps :)
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