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Hey there,
We're off to Vegas in a couple weeks for my bachelorette party, pretty excited about it.  For the first night, we're just getting fancy and going out somewhere, who knows.  For the second night, the girls chose an 80s/tutu theme (which doesn't totally make sense to me--did people wear a lot of tutus in the 80s?--except that it's so ridiculous that it's really fun LOL), and we're sort of at a loss of where to go.  We'd like to dance and drink, but we want to avoid cover charges and dress codes (strict ones that want you to be super fancy).  Any resident experts on the Vegas club/bar/whatever scene that can help me out?


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    You should post this on the Vegas board.
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
  • I did not realize there was a Vegas board.  I am terribly sorry for this mistake.
  • And with that, I did find the board for Las Vegas brides and grooms.  I am not a LV bride, so I'm still at a loss.

    Does anyone else have any productive input?  Arbitrary comments about posting on the wrong board aren't doing it for me.  :)
  • I appreciate your clarification; however, I basically log on here to ask specific questions, so I haven't checked every tab of every "section" of forums available to me.  I didn't know there was a Vegas board, I still don't see how a board for Vegas brides and grooms is appropriate, and it is my understanding that a bachelorette party falls under the category of "pre-wedding parties"... not to mention, Las Vegas isn't exactly like, Branson, Missouri.  It is a fairly common bachelorette destination.  

    For what it's worth, over on Wedding Wire there are far less categories for forums (I just posted under "fun stuff"), and I got some lovely answers once this proved to be a bust.  
  • Hi Jaime,
    Check out The Bourbon Room in the Venetian. It has a Rock of Ages/Sunset Strip theme to it so you should fit right in! Also, if you're looking for a fun place to have dinner beforehand I recommend Dick's Last Resort. It's very casual and they interact with their guests in inappropriate ways - definitely entertaining.

    Have fun!

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