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Length of stay vs. Place

My boss graciously has gifted us a honeymoon for a week in a tropical location of our choice. My jaw pretty much hit the floor when he offered and needless to say we know we are very blessed.

After looking through some options- we had opted to tell him we were interested in the Bahamas, Aruba and St. Johns. At the advice of him, the travel agent and some friends we removed the Bahamas from the list. Now we're getting down to the real final moments of our choice. He and the travel agent have chosen some very classy and pricey establishments and due to the price have offered either 7 days in Aruba, or 5 days in St. John. We had originally really wanted to go to St. John but also would like to have a longer stay. We've discussed adding additional days at our personal cost but don't believe that's an option we want to go down.

The trip to Aruba would be 7 days at the Ritz Carlton - and let's face it - do you really say no to that?

So what say you - more days or the place you want a little more?

Re: Length of stay vs. Place

  • lyndausvilyndausvi Western Slope, Colorado mod
    Moderator Knottie Warrior 10000 Comments 500 Love Its
    St John USVI or St Johns, Antigua. They are different. Anyway I would mostly likely go with more days.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • Jells2dot0Jells2dot0 Cowtown mod
    Moderator Eighth Anniversary 5000 Comments 500 Love Its
    What type of island experience are you looking for? Assuming you mean st. John the island and not St. John's, Antigua, St. John has gorgeous beaches, is quiet, and has tons of options to island hop to St. Thomas or the BVIs. Aruba is a more arid island (more like the desert) and while it does have some nice beaches, I felt the water is a bit more rough than St. John. Aruba is also busier than St. John just because it's built up more. There is also more to do in terms of excursions, too.


  • It sounds like your boss is incredible! I think a week is a really good amount of time for a trip. Personally, I get bored doing nothing any longer than two days, and after multiple days of doing lots of things, well, you need a vacation from your vacation. I would suggest you plan your airfare and dates to get the best bang for your buck out of the trip. An early flight on the day of check in will ensure you get the most out of your first day. If you land before your room is ready, go to the hotel, check your bags and hit the beach or the bar! Then, I would plan the return on a Friday so that you have the whole weekend to rest and recover before going to work. 
  • climbingwifeclimbingwife NYC 'burbs member
    10000 Comments Fifth Anniversary 500 Love Its 5 Answers
    I'd take the 7 days in Aruba.

  • Uh...is your boss hiring? :)

    I would choose Aruba regardless of the amount of time...so since you get more days there, double win!

  • Thanks all! We've opted to go with Aruba. The hotel is the most secluded place in Aruba so that helps. And they have an adult only private beach and pool that we are looking forward to! We're looking to charter a deep sea fishing boat, do some paddle boarding and snorkeling - and it's sounding like we'll be happy with all of these things at the Ritz - so why not go for more days?! Right?
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