Cheap Wedding Venue - North Georgia

I am looking for a very cheap venue to have my wedding. Since this is my second marriage I would really like something that can host the wedding and reception in the same place. I want something very simple and I really want something under $500.

Re: Cheap Wedding Venue - North Georgia

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    I feel like the Chimneys at Big Canoe offers some really low rental rates on weekdays and during the off season. Google search it and you'll get all the contact information you need. You have to be flexible with the day (Friday or Sunday for instance) and season (late fall to early spring) in order to get the cheaper rate but I think they might fit your budget. It's a beautiful venue and you can bring in all of your own stuff (including alcohol) which makes it more affordable than something more all-inclusive.

  • Thank you so much for the information!
  • The Wheeler House- that's where we're getting married and I found them extremely reasonable and very helpful with everything. The place is beautiful too!
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