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Skin HELP! 30 days before THE DAY!

Hello Friends! 

I just got back from vacation in the Virgin Islands and my skin is starting to break out. I want to believe it is from the heat of the summer and all the sunscreen I've been wearing, but I work and live at my outdoor wedding venue and I'm afraid it is stress from taking care of the grounds and the demands of wedding season, plus the build up of my own wedding.

I'm feeling a lot of pressure and like I'm not getting anything accomplished and I'm worried that I'm going to be an acne mess by my big day. Does anyone have any suggestions for ways to be nice to my skin? Any suggestions would be helpful for skin treatments, de-stressing, or diet to boost me through my last 30 days before my wedding. I am very fairly complected and have very delicate, slow healing skin, so this needs to happen soon. 

Thanks friends! 

Re: Skin HELP! 30 days before THE DAY!

  • I know this sounds crazy, but have you ever done a juice cleanse? I know there are a million articles out there saying they are dumb/unhealthy/pointless/etc. but if I could afford to do it once a month I would. They make me feel AWESOME and my skin GLOWS. It clears up anything. 

    The first time I did it was because I was on a nutty health kick and trying to lose weight, and by the third day all I could think about was how amazing my skin looked. It was way more effective than any skin product I've ever used and I get hormonal acne every single month and when I'm stressed out. 

    But it has to be fresh, preferably cold-pressed juice - nothing that you get at the grocery store that's full or preservatives and sugar. I'm lucky in that I live down the street from a juicery that puts cleanses together - but most big cities have similar. Worst comes to worst, you can order something like Blueprint online. 

    If you want to go less extreme, cutting out dairy completely for a couple days also clears up my skin. With just 30 days to go I think you might have better luck with changing your diet than with new products that you might react poorly to at first.
  • Oh and good luck!!!! I'm at 60 days away and I'm already calendering in two juice cleanses before the big day for good measure! 
  • water, water, water!

    pay attention to your diet, more fruits & veggies. Less white carbs, fried foods, sweets.

  • plainjane0415plainjane0415 The hills of Tennessee member
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    Clean eating helps tremendously and fairly quickly I might add.  I too suffer from highly sensitive, slow healing skin, and the best thing that has worked for me has been clean eating and lots and lots of water.  I also have been going to a dermatologist for the past year, but I can ALWAYS tell a difference in my skin if I'm not eating clean or drinking enough water. 
  • Check out Mario Badescu products, you can find them at Ulta or online. I have the acne facial cleanser and special cleansing lotion c (it's a toner) and they work great. I've also heard great things about their drying lotion but haven't tried it yet.
  • Thanks Ladies! Can you be more specific about a Juice Cleanse? Has anyone ever tried Juice Plus? My skin is already being more calm now that I've been paying closer attention to my stress level, gotten back to my regular face wash and making sure I'm taking full breaks to eat instead of scarfing food down whenever and whatever. 

  • Tell me more! I know very little about this. Have any links to pass my way? How can I do this?
  • I can go on and on about juice cleanses. Haha. I do this one: https://www.facebook.com/growljuicepub/photos_stream?ref=page_internal#!/growljuicepub/photos/pb.237950349679201.-2207520000.1410214689./264400970367472/?type=3&theater Drink 1, 4, and 6 are all green drinks (kale, spinach, apple, other green stuff) Drink 2 is a fruit juice (orange and ginger and strawberries or something) Drink 3 is a beet juice Drink 5 is a lemon/water/cayenne pepper Drink 7 is a vanilla almond milk Drink 8 is water and aloe vera At this particular place the juices are cold pressed (just squished up to bits, as opposed to put in a juicer that chops them up or blends them). You get more fiber and fruit/veggie bits through cold pressing. (People also say the heat from the blades kills off nutrients while cold pressing doesn't, but.... really? I'm skeptical.) I do it for three days and all my acne is gone. It's basically magic. You probably would get the exact same effects from just eating totally clean and drinking a ton of water for three days, but I don't have that kind of will power. If I'm doing a cleanse it's just way easier. This is so much juice, I never get hungry. I also sip on herbal tea in between drinks. Not all cleanses are equal! I've also done the Chef V cleanse (http://chefv.com/) and it was so terrible. I was starving, it was SO HARD to choke down the totally disgusting drinks. I do not recommend. I also once did a cleanse at a different local juice shop because there was a groupon for it. It was also terrible. All the juices were basically watered down orange juice. There weren't any green juices. That's just way to much sugar and no real nutrients so that was a total waste and I only lasted a day. I've never done blueprint before, but it looks very very similar to the one that I do, above. The rules are basically: - Mentally prepare yourself - it totally works. - Make sure your juices are primarily veggie/greens based, not fruit based (otherwise you're just giving yourself a sugar high) - Even them out all day and even if you're full don't skip one. If you're hungry sip on herbal tea. - For me its easier to do them during the week because I'm at work and it's easier to avoid temptation in my office, than it would be at home with my FI and cupcakes and soda and beer all around me. I started to get interested by just doing a google search for blueprint reviews and blog posts about people trying juice cleanses. It got me intrigued enough to try it and I was hooked right away. I don't really lose weight on them. But it cuts my cravings long after the 3-days, it clears up my skin BIG TIME, and it gives me a ton of energy. So I love them. Phew - sorry, probs way more than you wanted!
  • Also, I really did type that manifesto with paragraphs.
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