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Bachelorette Party Ideas??

My MOH has come to me for my ideas about where to go after dinner for my bachelorette party. I live in the North Jersey Area and we will be in most likely Hoboken for dinner. Does anyone have any ideas for a bachelorette party in North Jersey and maybe even possibly NYC? Thanks!

Re: Bachelorette Party Ideas??

  • I believe there is a nice club in the W Hotel and that is a very nice place.
  • I second the W hotel's bar. Depending on your age, I'd also recommend City Bistro, which is uptown and has a great rooftop bar. It's an "older" crowd (30s, usually) and is a really nice spot. If you're younger and into more of a dance club kind of vibe, there are 3 or 4 bars on 1st street. They're much more casual, though, so depending on how fancy your shindig is, they may not be appropriate.
  • What type of place are you looking for?
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  • We did LIPS NYC and it was a blast!
  • Check out culture club in NYC on much fun!
  • Where to go in Hoboken really depends on what kind of place you are looking for.  There is the club in the W (now called LULUs) and there is Teak and Boa nearby.  Those are more of the "club"-type places.  There are also a bunch of bars from every end of the spectrum (rooftop bar, wine bar, dancing).

    There is obviously more variety though in NYC.   We need more information - ages of your girls / type of vibe you're looking for, etc.

  • We are trying to keep the prices on the lower side for a lounge/club so we want to stay out of NYC. I heard about Boa, but the reviews I read weren't the greatest, same with Lulu's in the W. The ages of the girls going range from 25-31, but we are open to anything. We want a fun night where we can hang out, dance if we want, have some drinks, etc.

  • Im trying to come up with ideas too! only a couple more weekends to do anything before our date :/ 
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  • I live in North Jersey too (Clifton) and I just got back from Harrah's. I know it's in AC and a drive, but I honestly had the BEST time ever. We got a nice room, did the spa thing, dinner at Dos Caminos, pool party until 4 am, and then some brunch the next day. 
  • I was thinking about going to AC, but unfortunately my bridesmaids do not want to spend a lot of money, which I can't blame them, and AC is expensive to make a weekend out of it.

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