Which do you prefer: knick knack or snack?

I'm having a destination wedding in FL and was wondering which route to go for favors, something edible or a knick knack to commemorate the day? I stumbled across this project today and thought it would make for a cute favor: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/993961467/project-tangled-chinese-knotting?ref=category I saw there is a turtle so I'm thinking I can have some turtles made in the wedding color (turquoise). I feel food can be tricky in the FL heat but who doesn't like to snack. Any advice/opinions are appreciated.

Re: Which do you prefer: knick knack or snack?

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    Why anyone thinks that a knock knack would ever be a preferred gift for the majority of guests, I have no idea.

    Put me firmly in the "snack" camp. But if you're concerned then you can just do nothing. Favors are not mandatory.
  • Really good snack or nothing.  At this point in my life, I leave all knick knack favors behind.  I have too much junk--my kitchen junk drawer is full of random tools, cookie cutters, etc.  I'm not going to put any random turtle, etc. on a shelf in my house.  So I leave it at my place setting hoping a child will come by and pick it up so I don't have to throw it away.

    I also don't take jordan almonds, hershey kisses, etc.  A lot of people on here will say they love kisses, M&Ms, etc.  I don't eat any form of chocolate and I'm trying to trim a few pounds, so unless it's a really pretty, tasty looking cookie or special candy, I leave that, too.

    My favorite wedding favor ever: mini bottle of champagne.  You can drink it later that night after you chill it, or throw it in hotel fridge and make a mimosa in the a.m.

    If you go with knick knacks, be emotionally prepared for a box of leftovers that you will have to decide if it hurts you too much to throw away, or if you have space to take them home and use them somehow.
  • Snack. I'm not a knick knack person, so it will just go in the trash.
  • My preference:

    1) snack
    2) nothing (favors aren't necessary, so I'd never feel jipped by this)
    3) a knick knack

    Just say no to knick knacks. They are garbage bag fluff and nothing more.

  • Snack! But it doesn't have to be chocolate or something that would be damaged by FL heat. Wrapped cookies would hold up to heat and humidity, bugs, etc.
  • Snack, a million times over.  To be honest?  I'd even take a sack of Jordan almonds before I'd take a knick-knack. 
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  • Snacks seem to be the way to go! Thanks everyone!
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    I like snacks. I'm thinking of having the gourmet apples since my wedding will be in the fall. I'm also thinking of miniature wine bottles. I'm having a small wedding
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