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Hello! For those of you who rented homes, did you purchase the insurance that went with it? I kind of feel silly purchasing it. It's a destination wedding and due to schedules, we can't really move the date if something were to happen. It's on 7/18. What do you guys think? Better safe than sorry?

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  • We purchased the insurance with the motto "better safe than sorry."  It was just another thing I didn't have to worry about if Mother nature decided to do something the week of our wedding.
  • We have always gone to the Outer Banks during hurricane season and have never purchased trip insurance. There are a lot of stipulations into getting your money back and most times it doesn't work as you would expect. Our venue though did cover us in the case of a hurricane though so we weren't worried about that.
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  • I purchased trip insurance.  We got married further south in Hatteras and the actuality of something happening to 12S is a lot bigger.  So.. better safe then sorry was my motto.  For the wedding we had the reception at the house so it was our venue.  If weather would not have permitted something I wanted a safety net to get that money back.  We did have a hurricane scare 5 days before the wedding, and then the following year we went in August and got evacuated because of Irene.  We got two nights back on our rental for that one.  I personally always buy the insurance when spending that kind of money due to the location we go to and the risk of weather.  
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  • For my daughter's June 2012 wedding at an event home we did purchase the trip insurance. Our caterer also requested that we add an umbrella policy to our home owners insurance policy to cover "the day only event". Yes it is an other expense to a add to the wedding budget. But we too wanted to play it better stay than sorry. A wedding is to big of an event to ignore the slight or high risk of unpredictable multiple incidents happening.

    That being said...We usually vacation in OBX in July or early August and have never purchased the trip insurance for a vacation. This year we had our vacation in September in the OBX and did purchase the trip insurance.

  • Hi!  I got married on 7/23 and rented a home in Nags Head from 7/20-7/27 and did not purchase the trip insurance.  When reading all the stipulations it did not seem worth it - also the house we rented for that week was already about $25k so the trip insurance was almost another $3k so people did not want it.  The likelihood of an H coming in July is unlikely and if one were to come it would most likely not be a strong enough one that would be worth getting trip insurance for your house.  That is just my opinion though :)
  • We ended up going with the insurance - although I REALLY don't think we need it. I found out that we can cancel it up to 14 days in advance so at least I have plenty of time to think about it! 
  • Also purchased insurance.  Rather than use the insurance policy offered through the rental agency - check into a seperate policy that will cover everything including the rental on the home.  For us the peice of mind to know everything would be refunded in the event of mother nature was worth the small price tag of insurance, compared to everything that we spend.  We also were on Hatteras Island where weather can cause major issues with 12 south.  Good luck with your decision.
  • We didn't purchase insurance through our rental home but we did purchase wedding insurance through that would cover rental costs as well as anything else lost for a number of reasons.  It was fairly inexpensive compared to other wedding costs and even though we didn't need to use it, it was nice to have piece of mind!  
  • Did you guys purchase liability allow with the wedding insurance through They won't allow us to purchase liability through them because of our location and I didn't know how necessary it really was.
  • We didn't purchase any insurance, but another littlemsmagic had her wedding at Pelicans Landing too. I'm sure she'll see this and can help you out


  • We got married on 6/23/12 at Pelican's Landing and we did not buy insurance. It wasn't peak hurricane season and my family has gone for years without dealing with a hurricane evacuation/significant impact on our vacation during hurricanes so we took our chances. Let me know if you have any other PL questions!
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