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Nevada-Las Vegas

Online marriage application problems

So I've been counting the days down until I could apply for our license and I finally try to do it and the site gives me an error message saying my browser isn't supported.  I tried 3 different ones on a Mac platform and then FI tried on his PC.  According to their requirements, "This web site is only supported on Internet Explorer 6 through 8."  WTF?  Seriously?  That's from like 8 years ago.

I know a bunch of you have pre-applied online.  Do you all have old browsers or is there a way around this that I'm missing?  I tried just going ahead and filling it out anyway but it won't let me select any of the items that have drop-down menus (ie: State, etc.).

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Re: Online marriage application problems

  • I had the same issue. If I remember correctly we had to go to Tools and then Compatibility and then select something there. Sorry I can't remember completely but there should be instructions on there telling you what to try. It took a few tries for me also. Good luck!
  • Ah, great.  I will try that.  Thank you!
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  • Yep that should fix it.  I have some other steps at http://www.vegasgroom.com/Step-by-step-for-a-Las-VegasClark-County-marriage-license_94.html in case you haven't seen that page before.

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    Getting married in Vegas? Start here! [click]

  • Thank you vegasgroom!  Your site has been a great reference for me during all the planning but I had not seen that page before.  It's super helpful.  Thanks again.
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  • Good grief!  Even in compatibility mode, that was a giant pain in the ass.  How in the hell does Las Vegas, of all places, not have a marriage application website that functions for the majority of people?  That's insane.  Anyway, that's finally done -- I THINK -- but for anyone else who reads this thread trying to get help to get through that ridiculous website, best of luck to you!  Wow.
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  • Wow what a mess, thanks for the heads up!!
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  • I started to try it the other day too... but couldn't select from the drop downs... we have an old laptop at home, so was going to try that. Ill give it antoher go later this week... I did try the compatibility thing, but will try vegas grooms instructions too!
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