Austin, TX Wedding--I have a survey and need some input! Please!

I need help. We are doing a neat little Chapel wedding, reception at a Tex-Mex microbrewery and sticking to rustic/Mexican inspired seasoning/food. So, I have these questions for you:

1. What is an appropriate dollar amount to spend on favors per person?

2. Out of the below which one would you prefer as a wedding favor if you were a guest? 

                     A. Bottle of honey (we can add a thank you note to it) from Texas

                     B. Bottle of BBQ Sauce (we can add a thank you note to it) from Texas

                     C. Koozie (we are doing a lot of bottles and cans for drinks and outdoor setting)

                     D. Bottle of hot sauce (we can add a thank you note to it) from Texas

                     E. Chocolate chip cookie or some awesome bakery item

I thank you for any advice. :-) This wedding planning stuff is crazy..............

Re: Austin, TX Wedding--I have a survey and need some input! Please!

  • JoanE2012JoanE2012 Exit 21 (Jersey!) member
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    Spend whatever you want on favors.  Heck, favors aren't even required!  We spent about $5 per person.  Of your list, the hot sauce would be my 1st choice (but I'm probably in the minority.....many people don't like it), then the chocolate chip cookie/baked item.  I probably would use the BBQ sauce too.  Definitely would NOT use the honey or koozie.  Good luck!
  • Denise40Denise40 Montgomery County, Tx member
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    I would go with the baked item because everyone likes sweets.
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    1.  The appropriate amount to spend is whatever amount lands at the cross section of "Can afford it in my budget without sacrificing necessities like food and chairs" and "The cost of my something nearly all of my guests will like."

    2.  Ugh, not the koozie.  The baked good will probably be universally liked.  And if there are a few who don't care for it, you know that other guests will be more than happy to take it off their hands and you're unlikely to have leftovers. 

    The other items - I would probably rank honey, then the two sauces.  Honey is at least very versatile and someone who doesn't even like honey could feasibly find uses for it (in addition to tea, toast, and ingredients in things like salad dressings, over goat cheese for an appetizer, etc., it's also good for sore throats when sick and has natural antibacterial properties, it's a great moisturizer and can be used in a variety of DIY beauty products such as hair treatment - makes hair very lush and shiny, lip moisturizer or scrub, facial masks, etc.).  But, you're probably going to have some people who won't take theirs.  And BBQ and hot sauce - while I love both, not everyone does and most people tend to be picky about those items (I know I am).
  • You spend what you can afford on the favors. Second Our house likes hot sauce, I would rank last two items to give out is barbecue sauce and koozie. 
  • A dollar amount depends on your budget and how much you are comfortable spending. They are not required and are a nice extra.

    The cookies are likely the most universally appealing. I would personally like the hot sauce or BBQ sauce the most, but not everyone likes them. Honey is not vegan so if you have a vegan guest they may not be able to use it.

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  • Tie between baked good and BBQ sauce.  I love BBQ sauce though.  The problem--if people are traveling to your wedding, they may not be able to take it with them (only 3 oz. in plane carry on).  I try not to check luggage, so I'd have to leave it behind.

    Whatever you choose, say NO to the koozie.  No one likes them.  They're useless junk that you either leave behind or throw away immediately because everyone's kitchen junk drawer is full.

    What you spend has to do with what you can afford.  I did not make favors a priority--I focused on open bar and tasty food.  That being said, I spent $3 each.
  • I personally am not a sweets fan (I didn't even eat cupcakes at my own wedding) so I would LOVE one of the bottled sauces and I think it fits really well with your overall aesthetic (Tex-Mex)!!!  In my experience, koozies just get thrown away and I already have too many of them!  

    Could you do an assortment of the honey/BBQ/hot sauce?  It's free stuff, so I can't imagine anyone getting upset that they didn't get their first choice favor, but you're covering the sweet and savory by offering honey and one of the sauces!  
  • 1) Totally depends on your overall budget. Since favors aren't necessary (we didn't have them at all), I would get every other thing paid for/budgeted and see what you have leftover. Divide that between total guests and that's your budget.

    2) In order of preference: E, B, A, D, nothing, C. Cookies are generally a crowd pleaser. Outside of that, it's a toss up because B/A/D are all bottles that aren't great for travelers. I'm a huge BBQ sauce fan, so I'd for sure be pleased with that, but that's just me personally and I'm nto invited to your wedding. :) C is just a terrible idea and will get thrown away by 90% of your guests. 

  • Thank you guys! I appreciate it!
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