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Hey Lady Shoes??

Has anybody ordered a pair of Hey Lady Shoes for their wedding or another special occasion or just because? How did you like them? Comfortable, did they run your normal size or did you have to order smaller or larger? I am looking at ordering the flats with the bow for my wedding in April as I can't do heels and every other flat that I have found is either ugly, plain, I love but even more expensive, or just blah and I want something that I can wear again to other weddings, with jeans and so forth but I want the price for them to be worth it. Thanks!
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Re: Hey Lady Shoes??

  • Not sure if your the sparkly type but I got a pair of my Mom's shoes (didn't fit her right) scuffed the shine off then covered them in glitter and ModPodge sealed with Minwax.  I didn't have to buy anything special for them and the Minwax makes it so barely any glitter comes off.  I got a pair of shoes I love without breaking the bank.
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  • I think they look really over priced, but that's just me. DSW has a nice 'wedding' shop of shoes.
  • These are the ones I would like: 

    @RebeccaFlower: Sadly, I've checked out DSW before both online and in store and for flats they are just too plain or they are sandals, and for my wedding, I don't want sandals. 

    If I could wear heels, I would love to splurge on the Kate Spade heels with the glitter and bow but sadly I cannot manage heels and I know I would probably never wear them again, or very rarely. So I want something that can be bridal, but I can also wear again with everyday skinny jeans per say if I'm going to splurge. I don't want to waste my money on something that's just going to sit in the back of my closet and never be worn again. 
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  • I bought a pair for my wedding.  They are really comfortable and I love them.  I can't wait to wear them out and not just around the house. They are good quality.  I would always rather buy good quality shoes over cheap ones that may or may not last.  I found they run pretty true to size.  I ordered these in a 3" heel in the robins egg.

  • Ooh!  I'd never heard of this company before, but they make gorgeous shoes!  A little pricey, but I second the idea of paying for quality.
  • @kimberly0315 did you find that they fit to your true everyday size, or that you had to go up or down a size?
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  • I went by the size heels I wear since I was ordering heels.  I just looked through all of my heels and 95% were the same size and I went with that.
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