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Lace Trumpet Gown low back undergarment help

I am having a very hard time finding the right undergarment for my wedding dress. I went for my first fitting last week and the shapeware that I had chosen was not going to work. It's so hard to find shapeware with a really low back. My alteration lady suggested inserting cups which I said yes to but now I am so worried that its not going to work with my breasts. Unfortunately, I am a B cup but a little bit saggy (totally embarrassed to admit this!). I am afraid I made a rash decision! Does any one have any idea what I should go with now that I have the cups added in? I want my hips and belly to be controlled with some sort of shapeware but I also have the boob problem! Ok can I wear a shaper with a bra and also use the cups in my dress? I am just freaking out about this too much!

Re: Lace Trumpet Gown low back undergarment help

  • They have these amazing stick on bras that I have worn under banquet dresses with low backs... they sell them at target and they've worked for me (and I'm 40 and have had 2 kids so I totally identify with the need for them).  You stick them on and then clip them together to pull "up and in".  I did have to "practice" once or twice to figure out exactly where to put them for the best look, but I have used them many times since then and they work great.  No lotion or creams where you are sticking them though... they won't stick.

    For the belly and hips I'd say you are going to have to try shapers on.  If you don't want to buy it at the bridal shop put the dress on and have someone mark where it hits with a marker so you can go shopping and know what will show... or if you aren't going that day, a swimsuit or leotard that you can wear and mark will supposedly work too... I've never tried that but it makes sense to me... 
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  • Sewn in cups AND a Nubra.  

    When I was younger, I had smaller boobies.  You can stick the Nubra on further out (towards your armpits) and then clip the middle to create massive lift.  Or for normal, you can put them more in the center.

    Don't get the one that looks like chicken cutlets--it's heavier and not as sticky.  You want the fabric one.  It's a miracle worker.  Like this:

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