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It's only Thursday

I kept thinking yesterday was Thursday. I'm sad it's not Friday and it's only 8:52.  Since Max's head made us leave the splash pad early on Tuesday, we're making another attempt today.  I don't want to go, but at least it's quieter since school is in.  I might even take my book.

Re: It's only Thursday

  • I'm in the mood to shop.  DD2 and I might go out browsing.  Maybe browsing will be enough, but I doubt it since there are things I actually need, most importantly a new purse to replace my current ripping-at-the-zipper purse.

    I took DD1 to buy new sneakers last night.  She hasn't worn a sneaker since there was snow on the ground.  She came home from school yesterday bummed that they won't let her climb the spiderweb until she wears sneakers (she's been wearing pretty strappy sandals with all of her new dresses that she had to have).

    While we were in the mall, she wanted to go into Claire's.  She's never been in there and she had a blast.  It's her new favorite store.
  • I'm just happy to be done with work for the week.  I took DefConn to the sitter and then came home and cleaned the kitchen.  Now I need to be sitting down.  Damn this strep has killed any stamina I have.  I do feel a lot better, but not as better as I want to be.   

    The doc did put me on another rx.  If this one doesn't kill it, it's off to the ENT I go.  I have 'exceptionally large' tonsils.  :-/

    I have so much to do to prep for camping.  I've never been this far behind, but that's what the perfect storm of sickness and DH being OOT will do.  Oh well...If we forget something, we'll buy it or someone else will have it. 

    Now DH is saying that closing later is better because they go live shipping on Oct 1st and will have to work the weekend if they don't get their 70 loads out by Friday the 3rd.  Ugh.  Grr.  Our buyers have to know this is not going to be a fun close.  

  • "It's only Thursday" x 11 billion

    As expected, DS is out of DC until his, ahem, side effects from the amoxicillin subside.  Which I think is totally stupid and inconvenient, only because they are clearly not caused by any sort of bug--his pedi offered to write a doctor's note, but DC wasn't having it.  DH took him Monday but it's month end so he couldn't spare more time.  (He had 6 meetings yesterday, which sounds insane to me.)  I was on duty Tues. and Wed. and very reluctantly dropped him at the DC for sick kids today.  He's in good spirits and only has 1-2 episodes a day, which don't seem to bother him.  I hated myself for it.  I called and they said he's doing great, but still.  Unfortunately, with a 10 day course, neither of us can skip out on work for that long.  But we finish it over the long weekend, so hopefully by Tuesday everything will be back to normal. 

    DD is officially a kindergartener.  They do a staggered thing where they go one day this week (depending on last name), and her day was yesterday.  She got on the bus all by herself, and I was so close to losing it, and then I looked at DH and he was trying not to cry.  In 8 years, the only times I've ever seen him cry were when his mom died and when we had to put our cat down.  The house was so quiet when we got back.  But she loved it.  And she has a new best friend already.  And a ton of kids from her pre-K class are in afterschool with her, so she still gets to see them, too.  Curriculum night is tonight, new swim session starts Saturday, and she starts soccer next week.  DD pwns this week. 
  • Ugh Heff.  I get that your DCP has to have their rules, but what a hassle.  :(  

    Awww @ Mr. Heff.  That's too cute.  Glad she's enjoying school.  :D
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    aaawwww at Mr. Heff. 
  • The WW babies are growing up!

    Still miserably sick. Antibiotics are helping but I've still got chest pain, cough, congestion and grossness. I'm exhausted because at 1 am I woke up to take care of DD and couldn't fall back asleep. 
  • I just realized I typed 8 years, which is how long we've been married, but if you count how long we've actually been together it's actually...carry the 1...sixteen years?!  Still only the third time I've seen him cry.

    Get well soon, conn & PMeg.
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