September 2014 Weddings

September 6th brides, One Week Left!

how is everyone feeling?.. i am starting to get anxious and nervous that everything will come together.

Re: September 6th brides, One Week Left!

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    I'm so anxious and excited and ready for this to happen! We've been engaged since last October and it seemed solo far away back then. Now we're almost to single digits! I can't wait to get everything paid for and the money out of our bank account. Next Tuesday we're going to pay the caterer, baker, and florist (YIKES!) and then just have the bar bill to take care of after the reception. I am super excited about getting married... and perhaps just as excited to have two weeks off with FI! Not much else to finish up besides a few small gifts/frames for parents and write a few cards. Oh, and escort cards. I need to do those soonish. (ETA: I'm sorry TK ate my paragraphs)
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    I am a lot calmer than I thought I would be.  I'm a huge planner so most everything is done I think.  

    Things I am getting so excited about:

    1. Getting to call my fiance my husband
    2. Getting to wear my new ring!  It has been staring at me from my jewelry box for weeks.  
    3. Finally cutting my hair.  I've been growing it for the wedding and it's driving me bananas.  I can't wait to chop it off.  

    I'm also starting to realize that we have an awesome vacation coming up.  It's like I knew it was there but I was so focused on the wedding that I haven't been thinking much about the honeymoon. Now I'm getting totally excited for our big week away!
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  • I am definitely getting some anxiety, and honestly, can't wait til it's over! I mean-- I am looking forward to the actual day, but the buildup is going to give me a mini heart attack. As mentioned previously, I hope everything goes as planned. I have this vision in my head of how everything should look, etc...and just want it to be as close to that vision as possible. I know SOMETHING will go wrong (because something always does at planned events), but as long as it's close, I'm good. :) One thing that makes me sad is my fiancé’s dad can't make it. My fiancé lost his mother unexpectedly this February, so we really wanted his dad to be there. But...his dad lost his job and doesn't have the funds to come up and see us (he lives in Georgia, and we are in Ohio). Breaks my heart. :(
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  • I'm surprisingly calm. Too calm. This still feels very surreal! Final fitting is tomorrow and I still need to finish up the escort cards. Heading to the spa this weekend because I thought I would need the mental break, but I'm actually really good. I think it's going to really hit me the day of.
  • Finished the seating chart and escort cards today! Woohoo! Two more things to cross of the to-do list!!!
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    I'm pretty calm and not as stressed as I thought I would be. I SERIOUSLY CAN'T WAIT!!! I'm so excited.  I think the only thing I'm worried about is that I'll forget to bring or buy something. I have a checklist and its all marked off, but I'm still worried that theres something I'm forgetting. Oh well, I'm getting married!! thats all that matters :D
  • It's super surreal thinking its NEXT weekend! It has always seemed like something in the distant future I just can't believe its here... Sooo excited. I'm checklist lady though and have finished most things, although 2 weeks ago I had my breakdowns and thought I wasn't going to be able to finish everything. My goal is to finish everything this weekend so that I can relax next week and only focus on getting things done like my hair nails ect.. and maybe sleep a bit which I really am starting to miss hahaha.

    I had a facial last night and oh it was so good I am just praying I don't break out. But just taking an hour to myself to relax and turn my mind off was really good for my mental state lol.

    All I have left to do is clean out our spare room for our out of town guests to sleep in the night before the wedding, finish cutting some fancy paper we are using as part of our guest book, and pack my favours next week (starfish cookies that I baked back in July and have been airtight sealed and frozen in my freezer since), and work on my toast.

    I feel at peace with it all finally lol.........

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