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How long alternations take?


How long do alternations usually take? and whats the latest I could go for my first fitting?
I still don't have my wedding shoes, though I believe I should be going for my first fitting ASAP.
The wedding is October 18th.

It's at Davids Bridal if that helps as well.

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Re: How long alternations take?

  • No one here can tell you that since it all depends on the body and the dress. Mine took three weeks for the bust, hem and bustle. I would go soon. 
  • I've heard that David's takes a while.  I went with a nice woman who worked from home it was a two week turnaround.  I only had minor alterations done though, (sewing the loops and strings for a bustle and a few stihes within my pick-ups ot shorten the dress 1/2" inch in the front!
  • Uh oh, now I'm worried. Alrighty, I guess I am going shoe shopping tonight and going to book alternations this weekend. I figured it would only take a week or two.

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  • @jynxiie I've also heard that DB takes awhile. You could always call them and see what that stores general turnaround time is. Even if it takes them a month you should be fine, hoping that the alterations are to your liking the first time around.

    And (I'm assuming your purchased your dress there) you could always take it somewhere else. Do you have friends who have recently had dresses altered with other people?

    Mine is taking roughly a month, but I told her that I was in no hurry to get it back since it will just be sitting at my bridal shop.

  • Okay, yikes.

    I'm just going to go find some shoes... I've been putting it off because I can't find what I want.
    Looking for high and really comfortable. I would like them to look bridal - but it's not a big deal if they arent. So I'll just have to get my butt in gear and actually look haha.

    Going to aim to do it this weekend definitely.

    Thanks guys.

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  • I didn't get mine at DB but my wedding is Oct 11 and the girl at my shop told me to start with the first fitting at the very beginning of September.  I'm going next Tuesday. 
  • mine took a month and a half started in mid april was done by mid may wedding was in june. dress sat at the shop picked it up on a thursday wedding was on a saturday. was steemed and pressed and all ready to go
  • I went to a friend's mom who is a seamstress (does a lot of wedding gowns), and took it home the same night. She made us brownies and coffee and surged the satin edges; most of the layers were tulle and just needed cut off. I'd give yourself at least a 4-6 weeks though.
  • I just took my dress to David's Bridal TONIGHT and go back on September 24th. My wedding is October 11th.
  • I took my dress to David's TWO DAYS before my wedding because we arrived in the state that our wedding was held in on that day.  While it was a perfect fit (no need to hem with the shoes I wore or anything like that), I decided to switch the zipper on the back to a corset to better accommodate my chest so I didn't look squished up top and because I honestly just adored the look of a corset.  They had it done by the next day, despite being down one seamstress.  They did charge a rush fee ($25), but they do that for anything 2 weeks out or less.

    It all depends on what you're getting done to your dress and the workload of the store you take it to.

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