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What kinds of flowers are you using?  I'm having trouble finding exactly what is in season.  I'm going to talk to the florist next week, but I would like to have some examples to show. 

Re: flowers

  • This is what my inspiration pic for my bouquet was:


    This is the pictures I gave the florist for our BM bouquets:


    My bouquet, the bouts and corsages will be in roses, the BM bouquets in carnations.


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    I'm using roses and baby's breath. 

    My bouquet inspiration:




  • I am using roses, hydrenga, stephanotis, and orchids.  The bridesmaids are doing white hydrangea.  No bouts for the groomsmen and groom I hate the look of them after they first go on, they get crushed and end up with petals falling off.

    The dads/grandfather/godfather bouts and corsages are orchids. 

    Everything is very white.  My girls have black dresses and I like the look of the white.

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