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For those of you who went to a club...

How did you deal with the table minimums etc? I'd love to cover it, but it's just not in our budget to do it for the size group we are having. We've been quoted $3k minimum spend (plus service etc) for a 40 person group at Hyde after our wedding, with a fountain view table. We can probably cover about half of this, meaning that our guests would need to pay about $55 each.

We were never planning to host the afterparty, rather just go somewhere and guests buy their own drinks, but as we need to pay when we get to Hyde as it is bottle service, I will need to ask for money towards it.

We're hosting drinks the night before, 5 hours of open bar (and dinner) at the reception and a buffet breakfast the morning after. If you were a guest, would you think that is ok to pay a bit of money towards the afterparty?

Re: For those of you who went to a club...

  • Also, I'm not worried about us making the minimum spend, it's more the upfront asking for money that I'm worried about!
  • Honestly, if it were me, and my budget were tight, I would likely skip out. We are also on a tight budget (trying to keep it under $7k which includes our lodging and flights, etc) but we are trying to figure out a way to accommodate all 15-18 of our guests.

    Yeah, I would be concerned about the upfront money too, that is a tremendous amount of pressure. We're considering doing a Strip Tour on a party bus after the reception, it's about $550 or so...but we'll see.
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  • We are doing a table for our bridal party and paying whatever cover there is for the rest of the guests. They will be responsible for their own drinks. That way they can come to the club if they want but they'll be no pressure for them to buy drinks or pay for anything. Then if they want drinks or to get together with some others to buy a table they can. 
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  • I wouldn't spend it, as a guest, because I likely had to spend a lot to get there in the first place. BUT you might end up with people who are like "yeah sure we will come" just to be nice but don't pay up front and don't show up - which leaves you with the cost. I personally would stick with what you are already hosting (which sounds GREAT!). If you want to do a nightclub, just pick one to go to and tell guests "we will be at XYZ at ABCpm, come out if you want!" and if people want to come and pay their way, they can.
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