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Best Months for Weather in HMB

Hi everyone- I figured you all would know this better than anyone... what is the best time for weather in Half Moon Bay? I've heard winter (Nov and Dec), because though it's only around 60, it's sunny. Thoughts?? What about March?
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Re: Best Months for Weather in HMB

  • If you're having your wedding at the Ritz, I might have to hate you. But if you're paying that much money, you should ask them.

    Assuming you're with us 99%, I'd say winter. Certainly there were lots of clear days throughout this December. NOT March. March is the end of the rainy season, which usually starts seriously in February.

    But don't take my word for it. The National Weather Service and weatherunderground have historic weather data for specific dates.

    Oh! and my wedding's in November on the Peninsula. I'm hoping for rain, expecting fog.
  • Fall tends to be the sunniest in Half Moon Bay. Like ElisabethJoanne said, March is rainy. Summer tends to be pretty foggy. But the weather is fairly consistently around 60 degrees most of the year!
  • Fall is great.  I had my outdoor wedding in May and lucked out (missed the rain by 2 days!).  One thing to consider is the time of day of your wedding.  We had a lunch time wedding to avoid the fog and ensure it was light enough to enjoy the view...
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