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In Suite refreshment options for a small party!


I really need some advice!

After several months of indecision I've finally settled (and booked!) the MGM Skyline Terrace for my ceremony which I'm planning to hold at sunset (so at 6:45pm – ish).

Before the ceremony I wanted to do a Strip photo tour with my guests (during sunlight hours) with the intention of having refreshments between the tour and the ceremony in the suite, then going for a meal after the ceremony.

At present it looks like I'll have about 8 guests – so there are 10 of us total (we are travelling from the UK – with no rental car and obviously limited ability to bring anything with us).

I've been investigating options for the refreshments – but it all seems ridiculously priced for 10 people.

Would I be best just ordering room service? It will probably be expensive for what it is – but at the same time cheaper than doing something more formal through the MGM or an external caterer (if I could get one willing to take on MGM security). I thought about trying to go and buy things before hand but I've decided that will probably be more hassle than its worth- although if there was an easy way to do this I'd love to hear it.

The in suite reception options at the MGM seem ridiculous in terms of mandatory fees which seem excessive for 10 people – if anyone could advice me on whether they might be flexible on these for such a small party. I'm a bit nervous about tipping them off which is why I haven't just asked them (although that's probably a bit paranoid!).

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you!

Re: In Suite refreshment options for a small party!

  • For your size, I would totally just order a bunch of appetizers from room service! Maybe pre-buy a few bottles of champagne though or wine and beer because they'll gauge you on that. This way you're not tipping them off to a party but not having to worry about contracting an outside catering vendor.
  • I'm leaning toward ordering room service for our 10 guests (at the Cosmo) for the time that we spend in our suite. We're having a dinner later in the evening but I have explored the awesome options of in suite catering for a fun cocktail party. In the end, they all seem exhausting and expensive for such a small group.

    We will, however, head to the store to get alcohol! :)


  • I think for that size of group you could even contact a restaurant you like and pick up appitizers to bring up to the room. 
  • Hi Ladies - for in-suite, why dont you take a look at "Masterpiece Cuisine

    A) In-Suite with masterpiece cuisine - $650 heavy apps / $550 light apps 
    (however id recommend a 2nd suite for reception) masterpiece will delivery, set up, delivery etc 

    B) Places like hash house a go go is cheap, different, set menu start at $14-40pp and include soda
    (no minimum with public dining. A private room is $300 for 3/hr plus $400 min food/drink)

    c) Order your food from someone like smiths foods: do wine and food there and you could hire someone like culinary pros to collect the food, set it up, set down, serve, bartend for like $40/per hr

    d) Palms and M Resort have wonderful buffets fri/sat include crabs legs and beer and wine and soda are all free to each paying guest (you just need to get there) approx $26pp no min spend! (im not sure if they have a private room but you can ask and if not its a good price

    We are still in process but this is what i have found to work for me price wise, style wise, guest count and with the above there is no minimum except masterpiece above prices are quoted for 30 people but even if you have less guest its ALOT cheaper than other places and more food for guest to eat if their extra hungry!

    Hope this helps someone
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    I'd probably hit up Costco (or similar) and grab some deli trays. You could also set up a pick-up order for Jason's Deli. They brought some breakfast trays to our suite when we were getting ready.

  • Thank you so much for the replies - I've got a few options to investigate now and no one has told me I'm completely crazy for the room service suggestion which is extremely reassuring!
  • If you won't have a way to transport and don't need anything fancy, you could do an online delivery from Vons grocery store. Delivery is free your first time. They have all kinds of groceries you can order, paper/plastic tableware, deli trays/platters, and even the alcohol and mixers....

    Just a thought :)
  • Well you aren't completely crazy for considering room service but I'm interested in the Von's idea a bit now... I wanted to spare spending the time and effort of going to pick food up and bringing it up to the room so anything that can be delivered gets my attention.
  • Hi
    Id have to check vons

    NOTE: when we did our recent scout in lv i was told: they dont allow outside caters however if youre inviting people upto the room and just having "drinks its fine" of which they will allow you to bring your own alcohol to the room / if you do room service they slap on extra charges because its room service plus tax and tip etc (not being cheap but save you $$ to use outside)

    IF you do outside caters food/drinks make sure you or have the delivery person bring the food up in discuise (if they see food etc they may refuse it or charge you) if we did an insuite tba what id do is use master piece cuisine because they KNOW how to be discreet and make it not look obvious

    Also when/if you do buy alcohol bring it up in suitcases etc to avoid detection 

    This sounds alot of work but last thing you want is a bill or being told no and having issues etc

    I was told off the record if you dont tell us then we dont know and we wont have a problem

    This would be cruicial if hotel your using has a small lobby or elevators are close to the checkin...if you have a hotel like wrap around suite or mandalay bay with side entraces then you can come and go as you please

    I have also been told (various hotels) if you tip the bellman they will bring the food up and get the ice just tip em

    Lastly (from what i was told at 2 hotels) if you have insuite reception and you leave bags of trash behind the hotel can charge extra clean up fees! so also bear that in mind.....make sure you bring boxes and use cases to transport some food/drinks up and trash bags and to rid all rubbish and then call house keeping that evening to remove bags before you check-out to avoid extra cleaning fees etc 

    Vons does delivery well - then ill have to check that out! thanks id prefer to pay for someone to drop it off.....

    I hope you all dont mind me sharing what i was told by hotels and ideas of how guest i met whom did do in suite caters and how they did it (we met 3 brides at different hotels )

    This is why an in suite reception is a last resort because its alot to consider and final note some hotels require key access to floors so if you have a room and what caterers and guest to come up be sure to make lots of copies of keys so they can get up and down wihout any issues

    Thank you

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