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New York-Long Island

Wedding Budget Guilt

I am gradually starting to freak out more and more as my wedding budget climbs higher and higher. I was hoping we would spend around $20,000. Then $25,000. Now $26,000. I know that this is a pretty low budget for a Long Island wedding so maybe my expectations weren’t realistic. Nevertheless, I am feeling guilty about going over budget on a few things – my dress and photographer specifically. My parents are paying for my dress, but I am starting to feel like their money could have been more beneficial towards something else. I love our photographers and had my heart set on them from the get go, but now all I am seeing is dollar signs. All of my vendors are booked, so I’m not expecting to spend too much more but you never know! Have any of you gone over budget or started to freak out like I have?!

Re: Wedding Budget Guilt

  • Hummingbird125Hummingbird125 New York member
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    Honestly, I haven't freaked out about the budget so far because I've managed to stick to mine. I knew what FI and I could afford, and what my parents were chipping in, and then I made myself a strict budget and stuck to it. I went a little bit over in some areas, but then I compensated by going under budget in other areas. I know how easy it can be to be tempted to splurge in many different areas, but by finding the BEST vendors I could that were within my budget, I've been able to avoid budget-related stress, and haven't had any regrets about my choices so far.

    It's one thing to be stressed about spending more than you planned to. It's another thing to be stressed because you can't afford what you've committed to. If all the money you've committed to spending isn't already saved up, I recommend figured out exactly how much you need to save each month until your wedding month, to make you feel more comfortable with your budget. Good luck!
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  • Thanks, @Hummingbird125 :) Good for you for sticking to your budget! I think I just need to regroup and start saving a little more than I have been so I can get back on track.
  • I've freaked out too. It is a lot of checks to write at once! Most people do go a bit over budget, so don't feel guilty. Long island is just ridiculous!
  • eb1916 :) My fiancé and I had a serious budget talk and I feel better about everything now. I had made a spreadsheet of all of our wedding expenses and stared at it for awhile before sharing it with him! Its better to face reality together!

    I also recently had a talk with a family member who got married this year and she admitted to spending almost twice as I am, so I feel pretty good about that!
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