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Gold Accessories for Bridesmaids

Hi Everyone!

I'm in a wedding with four lovely bridesmaids (including myself) and the most wonderful bride. The bride has asked that we wear clover green dresses with gold accessories, but a lot of us are struggling to find gold accessories that look good on us (two bridesmaids are VERY pale and cool toned). We're looking for headbands (since we have a few bridesmaids with short hair), necklaces, earrings and bracelets if anyone has any pointers! Attached is the picture of the dress we'll be wearing. The bride is big on lace, flowers and celtic elements but dislikes rhinestones.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Gold Accessories for Bridesmaids

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    Try Charming Charlie (click here).  They do have an online store that you can order from if there isn't one near you.

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  • Just so you're aware, the bride can't require you to purchase a bunch of jewelry for her wedding. She should really be paying for it herself. 
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    I would try modcloth or francesca's! They have a lot of cute stuff you can actually wear again. Techincally you don't have to do this but it seems like you are ok with it. Just don't try and overspend what you can afford.
  • What about about something like this? I've seen a couple of people use it as a head band as well as a bracelet.
  • Rent the Runway has lots of really AMAZING jewelry you can rent. Some are as cheap as $5, $10, or $15 to rent for four days. Minimal investment, you're not stuck with it, and you can enjoy wearing something stupid expensive and fun for a night. 
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