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Where do I hang my dress?

This is a very weird question but one I'm a little perplexed about. I will pick up my dress from the seamstress about a week prior to the wedding. It will be pressed and ready to wear. Its chiffon with a sweep train... (Nothing too dramatic). My question is.... Where do I hang it in my house before the wedding? None of my closets have rods high enough that it won't drag on the floor and I can't hang it from a curtain rod or similar because the dog would LOVE to chew on it, I'm sure. Does anyone have any advise? Maybe it won't wrinkle by sitting in the floor for a couple of days but I don't know.... And I don't want FI to see it (we live together). HELP!!
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Re: Where do I hang my dress?

  • Can you hang it on a curtain rod in a spare room and shut the door for a few days? Just tell FI not to go in there because your dress is there, that way he won't see it and the dog won't eat it. Or can you leave it at your mum's house?
  • No spare rooms that aren't used for anything unfortunately and no family lives local enough. :(
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  • Hang it on top of a door.  Just get an opaque garment bag so he can't see it. 
  • is there anyway for the seemstress to keep the dress till closer to your wedding like the day before or two days before my salon was able to do that wedding was on a saturday  picked up the dress on thursday kept it in my grandmas room at my parents house ( she leaves the door closed at all times) so none of animals could get to it 
  • My salon kept my dress until 2 days before the wedding.  I was instructed to take it out of the garment bag, let the train down, and hang it from a regular closet rod.  I was told leaving it in the bag or keeping the train looped up over the hanger would cause wrinkling.  I'm sure your seamstress/salon will have instructions for you, too.
  • Do you have a close friend you really trust who can hold on to it if the salon or seamstress refuses to?  The trade off is that you might have to show the dress to them first because you don't want curiosity to get the better of them and have them open the bag up while you're not there.  
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    I looked at a co-workers for two months hanging in my office.
  • I can try to find a spot for it at a friends house (my seamstress works out of her house) then I just have to maybe pick up the day before and ban FI from his office for a day. Was really hoping I wouldn't have to add another activity on to the day before the wedding but I don't see a lot of other options,
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  • I put a plant hook in the ceiling of our spare bedroom.  My dress is in a garment bag so FI won't be able to see it but it hangs clearly off the floor.  (I actually find it amusing to see him standing next to it and not knowing what it looks like)  :)
  • I put mine on the back of a door.  Shut the door so the dog stays out of that room.
  • I put mine on the back of a door.  Shut the door so the dog stays out of that room.

    This is exactly what I was going to suggest. Back of the door inside a garment bag to avoid dust or any other goobers that might get on it. If not, maybe you could get one of those temporary "command" hooks and hang it somewhere in a room where it will be out of the way.
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    I stored my dress laying down under the bed in our guest room. Once I got it back from alterations and it was steamed and everything I hung a command hook up high enough on the wall that it didn't touch the floor in my closet and hung it on that.
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    I got one of the those over the door hooks to hang mine on back of the door.


    Also, most dresses actually do better laying flat, depending on the material.  A lot of people lay them flat under the bed or something like that. I probably would have done that with mine, except my dogs lay under my bed and I didn't want them laying on it or messing with it, even if it was in a garment bag.

    Also, my seamstress put a trash bag filled with air inside the bodice to hold the shape and help prevent wrinkling.  Then she pinned the train up over the shoulders to prevent that from wrinkling. I'm sure your seamstress may have advice to help keep it in pristine condition. She also should be able to tell you if laying it flat would be better or acceptable, based on your dress style and material.




  • Ladies, thank you all for the fantastic advise!! I will definitely use the command hooks or back of the door as an option. That is perfect. I don't know why I was completely flummoxed on this issue. My brain would not function properly to come up with a solution.
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