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Hi ladies, who else is a 9/27 bride? Hows it all coming? what do you have left?  Has it hit you yet?  :)

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  • I am! It's coming along pretty well, details are stressing me out. Final fitting, final meetings with vendors, marriage license and final payments (this week most will be paid). It has! In a good way, my BM keep asking if there is anything to help with and I can't think of anything. How about you?
  • Congrats! 

    I'm too, and it seems like we're on the same page. Still finalizing details (vendor double-confirmations, payments, special touches, signs, etc.) and final fittings. At this point, I'm trying to calm myself down by saying that at least enough is done that there will definitely be a wedding with a venue, food, drink and great company--anything else is just a bonus!

    Definitely getting excited though!

  • It is so close now! We just have a few tiny things left to do. Buy our alcohol and cups, etc for the bar. I've been sick the last two days and its killing me to not be able to do anything! I'm so excited! I will be sad to be done with the wedding planning though, it has been so fun!
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    September 27th bride here as well! I still have lots of little things to do - finish centerpieces, get our marriage license, buy candles, make a timeline...I have plans to do serious wedding things this weekend so that I can breathe a little easier!
  • I'm a 9/26 bride... so close enough!  I think I'm in good shape, but now things are just getting annoying.  Florist called & did a wedding at my venue this past weekend, and told me something completely different about table size and seating then the venue had told me.  So now I have to call venue to double check.  I also needed to call because they still haven't called to set up our final meeting, as they said they would this week.  Hopefully will get that done tomorrow.  Fingers are crossed I don't need to redo my tables.  I may pull my hair out!!

    I also have little things to do... package BM gifts & parent gifts, plus pick up his parent's gift and gifts for our ring bearers (they are 2 and almost 2).  I have to put together the bathroom basket, finish favors, print place cards and do hotel bags (plus shop for the supplies to go in)

    Is it just me... or does it still not feel real to anyone else?!?!  I haven't had the "oh shit, this is really happening" moment.  Even when I had my 2nd fitting this week.  I'm totally excited to see how the day comes together, but I can't believe yet that it is really happening in 3 weeks.  I was thinking it is because I'm a teacher and school just started this week, so I've been distracted with that.
  • Yay for 9/27 brides! We have made 1/2 of our final payments, making the rest this week and confirming our menu with the caterer. I need to finish buying the BP gifts, make our favor tags (super easy), finalize the seating chart and print the programs and that. is. it! FI is in charge of alcohol, which he's doing this week. I've been a little stressed about the seating chart, but I am so giddy and excited to get down that aisle, I might run down it when it's time haha Although when I think about the fact that it's 19 days away, sometimes it STILL doesn't feel real. And I've decided that if I can't figure out the seating chart by the end of the week, we're doing open seating (70 adults should reasonably be able to seat themselves, yes?) because it's just not worth the hassle.
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    @meh0429 I just did my seating chart over the weekend. It took me less than 30 minutes total (only 53 people to seat). If you were having a 150-200 person wedding, it would be a daunting task but you should be able to get it done fairly easily with only 70. I'm not completely happy with the way my seating arrangements came out but it's the ONLY way that it works. So I've decided to be done with it and move on to the next task.
  • Things for me are going well, we have almost all our wedding party gifts done, just stuck on the (2) flower girls and (2) ring bearers.  Any suggestions?  They are all under 7... so it doesn't have to be to over the top.  My final dress fitting is this weekend, we worked on our seating chart, originally expecting 100, and guest list is down to 73 including us-- wahooooo!! (I wanted a small wedding) finalizing rehearsal dinner menu tonight. I am getting really excited.  Its all starting to sink it and feel real, its about time!  :)
  • @cupcait927 (love the name btw!) I hear ya - did not think I'd have a headache with it with so little people. I had some issues with people who can't sit together and divorced parents, etc. I took a 2nd look this morning and tweaked a couple of items and I'm done. If nothing else, it's only for an hour for dinner. People can deal if they don't like it.

    @jco619 that's awesome! Sounds like us. Considering I wanted to elope, any wedding was going to be huge for me lol Our guest list was 99, and we ended up with 70 even, including us. Yay for small weddings! :-)

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    @meh0429 My motto has become "people can deal" :) Like you said, it's only an hour. They have all of cocktail hour and then the reception after dinner to mingle and chat with whomever they'd like.
  • I'm a Sept. 27th bride too! All you ladies seem extraordinarily composed for it being 2 weeks away! I, however; am fighting the constant urge to punch people in the face. The last month and a half has been one disappointment after another. Don't get me wrong, I am ecstatic to finally be marrying my amazing and supportive fiancé, but at this point we are both just ready for the wedding to get here and be done. Let me count the ways in which our lives have become consumed by stress (in order of occurrence).

    1. My bachelorette party came first. Although, this is not necessarily the most important of events in wedding planning, it is a time to take a break from planning and have a great time with your bridesmaids...that's what I thought, but then again, none of my bridesmaids were there. Instead, a friend who I have known all of 8 months and planned it rather than my MOH who I have known for 6 years. As disappointing as it was not having any of my bridesmaids there, those who were in attendance had a great time and my planner did an excellent job. I think what makes it worse is that when I got engaged my three best friends and BMs were beyond excited to have the bachelorette party and hyping it up, but when it came down to it no one wanted to commit.
    2. The RSVPs. Not only did people simply not respond, but the replies we finally did get were upsetting. This was more of a shot to the heart for my fiancé than me because not one person from his mother's side of the family decided to come. I feel terrible for him since I threw a fit about my grandmother declining to come months ago (she says "Weddings are like funerals") when he has only one table of extended family. Once again, the worst part is that at Christmas last year they all expressed their excitement about coming to the wedding and how they couldn't wait, etc. 
    3. The hotel debacle. To all you ladies needing a room block: Do not use any Marriott hotel or affiliate. So early on we came up with a guest list and estimated who would need a hotel room for our semi-destination wedding in Nashville, TN. We came up with 72 rooms split between Friday and Saturday. The contact was that 58 of those rooms have to be paid for regardless of whether they were used or not. We didn't expect this to be a problem, but since a quarter of the people who would be filling those rooms decided not to come (see point 2) it became a problem and not our only one. Our room block was set to expire on Sept. 5th, but when we got a call from one of the groomsmen saying that he wasn't able to book because all the rooms were "filled" earlier that week I knew something was off. I checked my guest list spreadsheet that had all people who were coming and all the people who were taking the transportation from the hotel to the venue and the numbers just didn't add up to 72 rooms. My mom called the hotel and they confirmed all the rooms were full. I told her that cannot be possible so she called again. Come to find out 1) They closed our room block a week early and 2) There was a certain reservation assistant who didn't know what they are doing and telling people the rooms were booked as far as 2 months ago. I was and still am livid. They graciously decided to reopen our block until yesterday so our guests could continue booking...thanks Marriott, you're a gem.
    4. People keep backing out and retracting their positive RSVP. In the last week we have had 2 couples tell us they can't come. How am I supposed the send the venue and catering our seating chart next week if these people keep dipping out. Do you not realize that we are trying to plan a major event in our lives that relies heavily on numbers for charges? 
    5. Thursday my fiancé had to leave to go to work in North Dakota (we live in Colorado). Since our wedding is in Nashville we need to leave for the drive on the 23rd. His job is running until the 21st. The logistics of this is horrible and it is in no way my fiancé's fault; he works for a shitty company that doesn't give a flying fuck about its employees. Anyway, he will be making the 12 hour drive back to Colorado on the 22nd and then packing for both the few days before the wedding plus the honeymoon that night then we are making the 16-17 hour drive back to Kentucky (where we are from) the very next day. 

    So this is what I have dealt with in just the last month and I am curious if any of you ladies have had unsightly hiccups as well or if it is just me. I realize that I am extremely lucky to have had, basically, a cake walk of planning up until now, but when it all piles on here at the end somehow it just makes everything seem worse than it really is. Right now the slightest inconvenience becomes a major headache and heartache. I just want to be married and for Sept. 27th to be a beautiful day.

    PS: Sorry this was so long. I just need some reassurance that I am not the only one with problems.
  • @jcarder13 -  I am so sorry to hear of all the issues you have had thrown at you the past month!  I am right there with you with issues.-- We had my fiance's sister threaten not to come because we wouldn't let her young children go to the reception and told him he would be the worst uncle ever.  We decided to let her have that one, it wasn't worth it.  We too have had an RSVP issue, our cut off was 9/6 giving myself 1 week to follow up with people, and we got so many the 8th and 9th, its like hey jerks, we were supposed to get them by 9/6!  We have had a few people decide their invite said guest, must have been invisible ink, damn you HP printer!!! So the Fiance had to take care of that.  We had people telling us they would come and then not reply.  And to top it all off, 2 big things.... 1) one of my bridesmaids backed out for personal reasons but said she would still help with anything i needed, no showed to craft day(no big deal) rsvp'd yes to both of my bridal showers, and no showed. then had the nerve to text me and ask if she was still invited to the wedding because she didn't get her invite.   Are you kidding me?! (of, course i deleted that and didn't reply).  and the 2nd) was the fun of the seating chart planning... my parents are divorced and both remarried so I can't sit them at the same table, then my dads sisters and family don't get along with my dad's wife so there goes them sitting there all while my mom is saying if I put her them at the same table she will not be responsible if she kicks her ass. 

    At the end of the day, I've just taken it all with a grin on my face and remind myself I am marring my best friend and will be surrounded by 90% of people who love and support us, and 10% that I don't want to be there but had to invite them.

    Keep your head up!  It will all turn out great!  So sorry to hear about the hotel, that sucks!  I would tell him you don't want to be responsible for a high guarantee of room nights because some people booked elsewhere. :/
  • @jco619
    I'm sad to hear that you have had problems too, but happy to know that we all have issues. I have learned a lot about people over the past year and what their real intentions are and it has brought out the best and the worst in people. 

    Your problems seem a lot more personal and tricky to deal with and I'm sorry for that. It is nice to see that even through all the drama you haven't become jaded and still have a positive outlook. :)
  • @jcarder13 wow, sounds like you and I have a lot of the same issues! I'm a 9/27 bride, too :-)  I've had ongoing issues with a bridesmaid, chasing down RSVPs, people changing/rescinding RSVPs, my mom invited 3 people without telling me (say what!?), half of my family declining (which actually gave me a sigh of relief, based on history), and dealing with moving 2 hours away for my fiance's new job right after we get back from the honeymoon.

    I've come to realize that pretty much no wedding escapes without drama. People disappoint, things go wrong, and stress happens. I heard it before, and I think it's very true:  weddings will show you people's true colors. People you thought would have your back don't, people you wouldn't have thought would step up do and sometimes the wedding you thought you were gonna have isn't what you have, but at the end of the get married and that's the best thing ever. I'm focusing on the positives - my family declined, so we have more room and will be surrounded by those who truly care and support us. We had issues with my bachelorette but my 3 oldest friends (only 1 of whom is a bridesmaid) showed up without question and helped celebrate - which reminded me why they are my mainstays. Extra people? Wow, they must really want to celebrate with us, that's awesome! In 5 years, we're all gonna laugh at how stressed we were and how AWESOME our wedding still was :-)

    Good luck with everything! 

  • 1 week and 1 day ladies! I am on cloud 9! Only a few tiny details left to get taken care of. I just want to shout it from the rooftop. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!
  • One week from today, ladies!!!! :-)
  • Happy wedding week ladies!!! Good luck getting all the last minute things done. Congratulations and best wishes!! And come back with pictures.
  • Thanks, Everyone! It's been great to have the support here and to know that everyone's dealing with the same issues (family, friends, work, details, etc). Congratulations and remember to have fun (that's what I'm telling myself)! 
  • Ladies!! How are we all feeling?? People keep asking if I'm okay, how am I doing and basically handling me with kid gloves. Talk to me Saturday and I might be a little jittery but as of today, I am beyond the drama, beyond the last of the To Do list (and my awesome fiance and bridesmaids have been so helpful), beyond trying to prevent any mishaps. I'm just so, so, so excited to get down that aisle!
  • Same here meh0429! We just had our DJ back out on us yesterday.. 4 days before the wedding and my fiance was freaking out. I, on the other hand, made some calls, talked to the manager where I booked our DJ and we're meeting with a new DJ tonight. I'm so calm! I'm just wondering when I'm going to flip out lol. I just don't think anything could go wrong as long as I'm marrying my best friend on Saturday. Everything else = details. 
  • @meg0429 - Everyone keeps asking me how I am too.  For a while now.  Today was my last day of work (we're getting married Friday) and everyone was like how are you doing?  Excited?  Nervous?  But then they were also filled with hugs and warm wishes.  Which was lovely, I've worked with some these people for 11 years.  Even my students (6th graders) wished me a Happy Wedding.  So cute!  At this point, I'm getting a little nervous, but just am ready to be married, see how it all comes together and have fun!

    @sept27bridej - OMG, your DJ just backed out?  I give you A TON of credit for not flipping out.  I would have probably gone into complete meltdown mode.  Hopefully everything works out with the potential DJ you are meeting with.
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