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October 2014 Weddings

First DIY makeup trial

PepperallyPepperally member
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edited August 2014 in October 2014 Weddings
I have most of my wedding day makeup acquired, although need to get the foundation closer to the date so my color is matched well. Here's my DIY trial just using my regular foundation. I also decided to put my hair sort of like it will be (although my hair is in dire need of a wash) so it's just a makeshift "look". I decided to do a side ponytail, which I'm surprised I really like. I was planning to do a side lower bun. What do you think? Bun or pony? I have my hair trial in a couple of weeks. Anyone else have pics of the makeup trials either DIY or professional?

Re: First DIY makeup trial

  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
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    I think it's looking good,  I like your hair up better, the ponytail looks too casual/every day (but that's without your hair being 100% styled as well).  I really like the lip color!!

  • @Dignity100 - thanks for the feedback. I'm glad the lip color looks good...it seems to be a bit too pink for my taste but I really wanted to use this Chanel lip stain that lasts and doesn't come off, and that was the lightest shade it came in. I'll probably make it look less glossy on my wedding day...it's just a clear gloss over the matte stain. I see what you're saying about it being less formal with it in the side pony. Honestly, though, I like the idea of it being that way because I am going for a less formal look given we're getting married at a restaurant. But, I do like the original idea of the side bun as well. I guess I will just have to try both at my trial.
  • I think it looks good! I've done a couple different things with my eye makeup to try to narrow down what I want. Of course, all I really paid attention to was my eyes and neglected to do anything with the rest of my face. Sigh.
  • Looks great! I agree that the hair up on the 2nd picture looks more elegant. 
    I'll be doing my own hair and makeup. I plan to practice this weekend. I just got my hair dyed and bought extensions. I've never used extensions before, so I'm really excited to try them out!
    I haven't bought any new makeup, but I'm just going to experiment with what I have already for now, then make adjustments if I need to. 
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  • I love eye makeup. Both of these looks are so "toned down" from what I usually do. The world keeps telling me I can't be as wild with my eyes for my wedding as I am most days, so I tried a couple more tame things. I don't mind them, but it's odd to not see super bright colors on my face.
  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    I think I like the side pony a little more...it just comes across as super soft and romantic and feminine! I think the lip color is great. You could maybe if you wanted to go a little bit more crazy on your eyes. I have a beautiful palette from Too-Faced that I LOVE! I feel like you could totally pull in some gorgeous shimmery greens or golds with your skin tone and eye color if you wanted to.



  • @LaPeanut1018 - thanks.  I actually thought I was beginning to look like a whore with the eye makeup I did have!  lol.  That's good feedback, I know everything needs overly done for pics.  I just want to look somewhat normal in person!  I did go back to a pick I took with my eyes closed and you can barely see the shadow on my lids.  hmmm.  I guess I need a little more drama.  I have a palette by Lorac I like, it has a row of mattes and a row of shimmers so maybe I will add more of the gold shimmers and see.  I tried to stick with mattes...that's what I've been reading and what I was told when I bought my palette.  I mainly used a trio of Smashbox plum colors, though.  Looks like I shall have more makeup trials!


    @kebebb ;- as you can see, I am the opposite of you.  I don't really wear much for day to day eyes and my going out look isn't far from the day to day, maybe just black eyeliner added instead of my usual muted dark grey or brown.  I like both of your looks you posted.  The purples are pretty on you, but I also like the look of the bronze look as well, as it is more fall.  Not sure what you're going for though.

  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    @Pepperally Yeah, I think your eye liner/mascara amount looks perfect! It just seems like you need a little more color/drama with your eyes. They are the focal point for your face and I really think you could go further without going over the edge into too made up/overly dramatic. It's always easier to add than take away so you are definitely on the right track!

  • Practiced my DIY hair and makeup this weekend. Here's how it turned out. I'm wearing extensions but I'm second guessing that decision... I'm afraid it's too much and it doesn't look real. Also not sure if I should do more exagerated eye makeup. I pretty much did my normal daily makeup. 
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  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    @bekt14 I think what's throwing you off is your extensions are a little TOO long. Would you consider having your stylist trim the ends an inch or two shorter (not a straight cut either, try to have her cut them so they look more like natural hair)? Otherwise I think your hair and make up look great!!

  • @LaPeanut1018 I agree. I will get them trimmed. They are about 3 inches longer than my natural hair, so I'll probably trim them so they are about 1 1/5 inches longer. Thanks!
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  • I think your makeup looks good, @bekt14 - I would maybe do slightly more blush on the apples of your cheeks?  I think the extensions look really good as far as looking real, etc., but yeah, you could always shorten them a bit.
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