Makeup/ Hair recs needed

Who are you using for wedding day hair and makeup or are you going to DIY? Is anyone using (has anyone used) Sephora/ Ulta/ other makeup stores or counters?

A little background:  I am strongly considering DIY for my hair and makeup because I really only want a half-up/ half-down hairstyle and can't fathom spending the 100$ (or more) prices I've been quoted for an "updo" or prices I've seen quoted for makeup.  I do have a friend who is great with makeup and has helped several of our friends with theirs for their own weddings.  She has offered to help me (unsolicited) and she will be a guest at our wedding.  

I had considered going to Sephora or Ulta to have my makeup done (making an actual appointment and being transparent that this is for a wedding and NOT going in and lying that I just want to try a new look). That ranges from 30-50$. Anyone have experience with this? Suggestions needed please. 
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Re: Makeup/ Hair recs needed

  • I had my hair done because I have absolutely zero talent with hair and I wasn't taking the chance.  For makeup I did my own, but I spent several months watching YouTube gurus (TiffanyD and Carli Bybel were my favorites) and practicing, and I invested in some higher end MAC and Urban Decay products, particularly primers and brushes.  I also got pretty skilled at applying false lashes.

    Good luck!
  • Candee Caldwell starts at $65. I really liked my trial so I'm psyched for the wedding.
  • I think it's worth the expense... I also have zero talent for hair! But, you are likely spending a lot on professional pictures, why not making them look best by having someone you fully trust do your hair/makeup? I would think it's too risky to go to sephora and end up with something you don't like at all!
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  • My sister keeps reminding me "it's one day . . . but the pictures are forever."  I DIY'd my makeup for my first wedding (and was asked later on who did my makeup) so I'm not entirely sold on having it done at all.  I always feel like I've put too much on when really I don't put enough on until someone tells me to keep going.  

    As far as going the Sephora/ Ulta route I figured I might try it out first but at $30-50 at either place I'm better off saving my money trying them out and just going directly to a recommended pro. 

    I think as it stands I'll DIY my makeup and start looking into putting that 50$ toward a hairdo.  So  . . . recommend your salons, ladies!
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  • I thought about doing my own makeup and could probably do fine. I decided against because I think I'll be too wound up to do it. I think I'll be either excited or stressed and won't want to focus on the makeup. It was a personal 'sanity' choice. :)
  • Our wedding is in Middletown so anything near there would work fine.
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  • The beauty bar will be doing my makeup.
  • I am using Elegant Beauty, LLC. She will travel to you on your wedding day, she has no minimum required (i.e. will travel to do only hair/makeup for you, doesn't require 3 additional people getting services) her prices are totally reasonable and listed on her website, and she is a perfectionist who was able to give me the exact look I wanted during my trial.
  • I'm using Krystalized Designs. I used her for my hair and make up for my e-pic shoot and she did an AWESOME job. You can find her on FB.

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  • For my hair normally I go to Jessica's Color Room in Middletown. They charge about $65 for an updo, although I think they charge more for to travel to the location. I had my hair done for a friend's wedding this year, and they will be doing my wedding hair. I got tons of compliments on my hair when they did it for my friends wedding. 
  • I've been a bridesmaids tons of times, and had my make up done and it lasted until the next morning. I am scared to do my own. I want to look great from the start to the after party and maybe even our wedding brunch. :D    I'm between Larissa Lake or The Beauty Bar.  Their prices are pretty much the same.
  • Thanks, ladies! 
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