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wedding photo privacy

my best friend has found the photographer for her wedding, but her future husband has a high profile job and would rather not be tagged in anything on the internet. the photographer is charging her an extra $8000 for exclusive copyright of her pictures, citing losing new business as her reason. i understand her reasoning, but 8k is a lot of money just to have exclusive rights to your own wedding photos. anyone have any advice? thanks in advance.

Re: wedding photo privacy

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    My advice is to find another photographer. I can understand the phtoog's stance as well as the couple's. All they can do is find someone who is willing to provide the service at a more reasonable rate.

    If he only wants to not be tagged on the internet then he can adjust his settings. IF he doesn't want the photog to use them on the internet or advertising, what the exclusive rights means, then the couple should expect to pay for that as it means the photog can't use them to advertise.

    I certainly wouldn't pay an additional $8K for  them.
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  • I would shop around for another photographer. The idea that the photographer could lose that much income from not being able to show the photos from one wedding that they did is insane.
  • The knot won't let me edit my prior comment, but I wanted to add, sounds like the photographer wants to have the bragging rights of saying I did Mr. X's wedding which in turn could get them more business because other people might say well if Mr. X used this photographer, then they must be good. I still stand by shop around for another photographer
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