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Joined a fitness competition at the gym; came in 2nd!

FI and I joined a 48-day fitness challenge at the gym. There were around 40 people in the challenge with us, and the winner was determined by most pounds lost, most body fat percentage lost, and most inches lost.

FI came in 1st for males with 31 pounds, 3%, and 33 inches lost!

I didn't do as well as him, but I did come in 2nd for females with 11.6 pounds, 2%, and 21.75 inches lost. :)

It was an intense and brutal 7 weeks, and we both still have a long way to go, but we are so proud of our accomplishments!


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Re: Joined a fitness competition at the gym; came in 2nd!

  • Great job!  You look awesome!  How are you guys feeling?  More energy?
  • We feel great! I feel so much healthier. I'm more motivated to get out of the house and do something -- anything! I sleep better. I feel guilty on days I miss the gym, lol. I never in my life thought I'd get to the point where people expect me to be at the gym in the evenings. It's a lovely change from being the fast-food-eating, couch-sitting, grumpy, puffy person I'd gotten so used to being.
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    Great job!  Regardless of where you can in placement wise, its an accomplishment you should be proud of and brag!  You look fantastic!

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  • You look amazing! I'm excited for you and the almost Mister!
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