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Hi everyone, my soon to be fiance (I'll explain in a second) and I have already set our wedding date and have begun planning our 10/1/2015 wedding.

Long story short, he is waiting for my dad to come up for a vacation (my dad lives 1,000 miles south of me) in October to ask for my hand in marriage, then I will be anxiously awaiting the proposal! :D I can't say how much I appreciate that he wants to do it in person and not over the phone, and the fact that he wants to ask my dad for my hand in marriage. I was married before and my ex never asked for my dad's hand (the marriage was a joke...but anyways...).

My boyfriend and I decided on the date and place. We are going to Las Vegas to marry and will be using Vegas Weddings/702 Weddings for our venue. I have been in planning mode since we decided on our wedding date. 

I know it is a bit backwards, but not every bride is traditional, right? I am super excited and cannot wait. We told my 14 year old daughter last night after I picked her up from her dad's house (she is my daughter from my previous marriage). She is completely excited and can't wait. I have been considering having her walk me down the aisle maybe, because my dad walked me down the last one, and we're kind of staying away from some of the wedding traditions since I am a second wedding bride.

Looking forward to hearing about everyone's planning! :)
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Re: 10/1/2015

  • Hi

    Do whatever makes you both happy

    I feel it would be lovely to include her....or have them both walk you down? (assuming your dad wants the job also)

    When we get married it will be my 1st and his 2nd - so we don't want traditional

    Ceremony: Using Luvbug Weddings to marry us @ Caesars Palace Venus Gardens 

    Dress: Custom Galia Wedding dress
    Tux for groom: James bond Suit (casino royal)

    Cake: Retro Bakery

    Reception: "Part A" 1 hour reception in a "limo" (lasvegaslimo) well get alcohol & snacks for ride

    Reception: "Part B" after the limo reception/las vegas tour limo to drop of at Hash House a Go Go
    Note: Surprise for Fi, i am hiring Vegas-Vanguards (he loves this stuff) to play @ our reception.
    Note: Also renting a photo booth for the reception (glitterlens)
    Note: Also renting a Dj - Dj Zilla (to play at reception)

    Photographer: Photobooth @ reception / Friend taking shots in-between / luvbug @ ceremony

    Hotel: Chose hotel 32 (love everything about it)

    Make-up: Will be done by Saphore & its close for $50! / Hair done by my sister

    Wedding end @ 10pm / Well invite guest @ our suite for more drinks/party if they want

    We are having no more than 20 people at our wedding  
  • Thank you for your support, I got reamed on another board here for our choice. We have been together for a long time and are ready to move forward. 

    I am definitely going to have my daughter in the wedding and am pondering having HER walk me down instead of my dad...but not sure yet. It's still early yet LOL! We're already discussing a dress for her and the MOH. :) It's exciting. Plus she just started high school so she's getting into looking nicer finally, LOL!

    When is your wedding date? I am so excited to go to Vegas! I have never been!
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  • Excellent :)

    Looking at 5/15/2015 (need to ensure this date is ok with my mum and siblings to fly over etc)

    Well maybe one could walk you i.e your dad and your daughter be ring bearer....that way both involved etc...

    Yes its very exciting and in vegas lol
  • How exciting!! I love that date 5/15/15! Good luck!

    I am definitely going to talk to my daughter, she said "I AM NOT A FLOWER GIRL! I AM TOO OLD FOR THAT!" hahhahah! (Sorry for the caplock, but that was pretty much how she said it.) Ahhh, she'll be 15 by then...teenaged girls!
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  • That is too funny lol

    Well its nice to be in demand/in a nice way :) (the way it should be)
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