Grand Metropolitan of Mississauga -Closed

I just recently heard that this venue has closed it's doors. I am so sad to hear this and hope no one has lost money on this choice of venue. I got married there 3 years ago (it was Pavilion Royale then) and thought the place was beautiful. The service was good, food was good and they were very accommodating with our budget that's why its so hard to believe that they are closed!

Anywho, happy wedding planning!

Re: Grand Metropolitan of Mississauga -Closed

  • Here's the news story if anyone cares to read it: LINKY

    I really feel for those people that booked and were so close to their wedding date.  What a logistical nightmare.
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    I feel so sorry for everyone who booked their wedding there... We went to 2 weddings there is it was fantastic both times.  They were actually our second venue choice...
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