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October 2014 Weddings


PepperallyPepperally member
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So what major/minor changes will occur after your wedding?  I just started thinking about it and it's a lot at one time!

Are you changing your last name?  Moving in together?  Buying a house together?  Joining financials for the first time?  Anything else??? ETA:  Maybe you will becoming a step-parent???

I'm changing my last name...I've just always wanted another last name so I'm excited to do so.  The thing is, his last name is a common name of an object that people live in (also the name of a TV show), so people sometimes say "really?" when I tell them what my last name will be.  In fact, I may have asked him that when he told me his last name for the first time.

We already live together, but plan to purchase our first home sometime next year.  We need to sit down and figure out what our savings plan will be after the wedding.  We also will be needing to open a joint account, as right now everything is separate.  I will most likely take over the finances since I already have spreadsheets set up and pay bills online.  He is old school and is afraid to use the internet to pay for things. 

Ah yes, he's going on my health insurance plan as well.  I'll officially make him my beneficiary for life insurance, too.  Right now it's my brother. 

Re: Changes...

  • I will be changing my last name. Which I am so excited about. I have my biological father's name and he has never been in my life. So it will be nice to have a name that truly means something to me. Plus, FH has a very Scottish name and his family is very into his traditions. So it will be great to be a part of that.

    Other than that, we've been living together for 3.5 years, so we share a lot of that other stuff already.
  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    We'll definitely have some changes. We already live together and we opened a joint account recently to deposit our wedding checks in to but we plan to only use the account for our HM and vacation and travel.

    After the wedding we will:

    Add each other as authorized users to our currently open accounts. We want to use his account for our bills and day to day living expenses and use my account to work on paying off our student loan debt and for savings since my savings account has slightly better rates.

    Change my last name.

    Add FI as a USAA member since he'll qualify as my spouse. He'd qualify now but his dad would need to join first since he is a vet.

    We're thinking about changing FI's car insurance and home insurance to USAA. I've been talking to them and I think we'll get a better price for the same or better coverage than what he gets now through his current insurance.

    Drop my health/dental insurance and add myself to his. He has a better plan for less money.

    That kind of covers everything I can think of for now but I'm sure I will come up with more later!

  • I'll be taking his last name, which I have mixed feelings about. I really like my last name. My first and last names are a well-known celebrity name, which I think is really fun and I always get comments and questions about. So, now I'll just have a normal name. 

    We will be moving in together, but he's pretty much been living with me already. He has a horrible roommate at his apartment so he never stays there. 

    I think the biggest change will be sharing our finances and figuring out how to budget and save money for a house. We want to buy a house in 6 months, so we have a lot of saving to do. 

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  • smalfrie19smalfrie19 Home of SB XLVIII Champs member
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    jerkyanne said:
    I will be changing my last name. Which I am so excited about. I have my biological father's name and he has never been in my life. So it will be nice to have a name that truly means something to me. Plus, FH has a very Scottish name and his family is very into his traditions. So it will be great to be a part of that. Other than that, we've been living together for 3.5 years, so we share a lot of that other stuff already.
    I could have written this. This is where I am. 
  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
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    I will be changing my last name - I took off a day in November (a month after our wedding) to get everything updated.  I'm really not looking forward to it.  Everybody is like 'oh it's just your SS Card and your Driver License' but then there's all the open CC and my house is in my name, do I need to change that(??) and all the stuff at work, and the bank accounts and insurance, what about my car and car loan??  The list never ends!!!  My last name is pretty uncommon, FI's is even more uncommon, so I'm ok with that.  Plus my SIL and I share the same initials.

    FI will be moving in with me.  I'm hoping it's for a short time while we recover our savings from the wedding.  We intend to buy a house together in 1-2 years, we're still in the buy vs build debate.  I'd like to meet with a builder shortly after the wedding just to see if it's even an option.

    FI and I have always been responsible for our own finances and our own houses. So we will be combining.  I'm not sure how that's all going to work at the moment.  I'm thinking about doing a joint account for the bills and then smaller checking accounts for our 'fun' money.

  • I'll be changing my name. I'm not excited about it, honestly. My older daughter has my last name, and when I change mine, she'll be the odd man out. She's worried about that. Fiance is more than ready and willing to adopt her and change her name to his, but there is so much drama involved with her biological father that I don't want to even petition for that.
    We've lived together for just over a year, so he's accustomed to my kids, but now he'll technically be a step-parent.
    We're going to open a joint checking account. We've been planning on each keeping our own separate checking accounts as well, for "other stuff" instead of household things, but I don't know now if we will or not. It seems cumbersome.
    We're planning to buy and renovate the house we're living in sometime in the next year, then build a house in the country after that.
    He'll be adding the kids and me to his insurance and I'll be dropping my insurance. This TERRIFIES me because my older daughter's medical issues and the fact that I know what things are covered and where they are covered at. I'm going to have to do some research before December when I drop my insurance.
  • Well, I just have to say I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who hasn't quite figured out the financial aspects as far as bank accounts, etc.  It's just something we've discussed superficially, but never in any type of depth.  It's definitely going to be interesting joining accounts, etc.  I'm kind of scared of the idea, as I'm almost 39 and always just had to worry about my own accounts with no one else tapping into it, and no one else but myself to blame if I screwed it up.  I'm sure he's worried as well, as I'm more likely to spend money than he is.  I also make more money than he does.  All of these nuances are just lovely to try to figure out!
  • Fiance is 39 and has always been in charge of his own money, and I was burned by my ex-husband when we joined accounts, so we're both a little worried. That's why we've been thinking of having a joint and then our separate. Put a certain percentage of our paychecks into the joint to cover any and all household/family things, then have our separate ones for emergencies or fun stuff or whatever.
  • @kebebb ; that is what I believe we will be doing as well.  I think we will figure out a percentage that's fair since I have more debt due to a student loan, yet I make more.  So we'll have to work out a ratio that seems fair.
  • We already live together in a house that we own, have a dog together, and opened a shared bank account (even though we both have separate bank accounts as well). 

    I will change my name after the wedding, and I'm excited about that.  I'm in a similar situation with @jerkyanne in that my biological father is currently the only person I share a last name with.  Now that my mother and sister have married and taken other last names, I'm excited to do the same.

    We want to buy a new house at some point, but that might be a couple years down the road still. 

    We have no intention of having children, so really, I don't think a lot of major things will change after the wedding. 
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  • we have already been living together for over 6 years, we have an almost 3 year old, we have cars, we have insurance and all the other stuff... I think the only thing I am doing is adding his last name to mine with a  hyphen. so I wont change it all together. other than that I don't think anything will change other than the fact is we are married.
  • I am going to change my name, which I am excited about, but it also feels like a lot of work. I'm nervous about combining accounts, and I'm still not sure why it's necessary, although we were encouraged to do so in marriage counseling. I am very OCD when it comes to my money, and he has always given me a set amount each week in order to get the bills paid, and then I take care of paying them. We have been living together since only a few months after we started dating, so close to 5 years already. No big change there. But must excitingly, We are going to start trying to convince right away, so that's sort of a big change!!!
  • I will be changing my last name.. my new last name is a Hungarian name and the spelling is very confusing to people since I had a very easy last name before lol. My FI and I have been together for 9 years engaged 1 year and just recently moved into an apartment together this past April. In a couple of years we will be looking to buy a house and having babies we just want to make sure we will be financial stable. We are going to do a joint savings account after the wedding and that money can't be touched unless its an emergency! 

    The biggest excitement to me is having a baby together would like to start sooner :)
  • The only thing that will change after marriage, is my surname. We have all that we need already (including 2 furbabies :)

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  • Just changing my last name (though I'll miss my current one!) and then I'll finally have the same last name as our daughter, who got his when she was born three years ago. So, we have a kid and a house and joint bank accounts and have for years - the last name is all that's left to combine! 
  • his last name is a common name of an object that people live in (also the name of a TV show

    Based on this combined with the last part of your username, it could be that your new name will be what his long-time female staff member's name would be had she married him! Love it! 

  • No way, @billagirly - I had no idea! Neither of us have ever watched that show. (ally is our cat's name, btw...he brought the cat and I brought the dog- pepper)
  • Haha well, if your CAT has a last name, then she's who I must have been talking about! :) 
  • I'll be becoming a step-mom, going on his heath insurance, and changing my name (though I'll sort of miss annoying my ex husband by having his), we already live together, share bank accounts, and have a car loan together.
  • FI and I have lived together for 4 years already, so nothing major in that regard!  I'll be taking his last name, & putting him on my work insurance. We will be selling his house and turning mine into a rental property after we buy one together in the next 6-12 months. After that we will probably work on making some little humans. :)

    The biggest hurdle will be merging all of our finances...we've already started the process, but we've both been so independent for so long it's a bit more difficult than we'd anticipated!
  • just a name change for me.  He will be step-dad to my two girls, we have a furbaby, house, cars etc.

    Otherwise, nothing else changes...except that I get to be his wife. :)
  • I'll be changing my name, and going on his health insurance. We already have a joint checking account, but we'll probably merge other savings accounts that we both have and stuff. 

    Right now I'm working free-lance, but in the process of interviewing for a new full-time job (with benefits and everything - yay!) so once that is done (i.e. also getting a more consistent paycheck) we'll start about adding a little human to our family... ;)
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  • mrscomposermrscomposer Mani-snow-ba member
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    I'm changing my name, we're deciding how to merge our finances, and he's moving down to where I live now - plus finding a job once he's here and getting him onto my benefits.

    **The OMH formerly known as jsangel1018**
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