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Hey all,
Fiancee and I are going to a 5-star resort on Phuket for our honeymoon.  Fiancee is mostly a domestic/Mexico traveler, most of my travel experience has been crazy third world backpacking type stuff (or your standard European sightseeing).  We figured we'd splurge on this (our money though, no honeyfund type stuff) and are really excited about it, but have no experience in terms of what's appropriate to wear.  What do you wear to these things?  Did any of you do something similar in terms of high-end, but beach type, resorts in SE Asia?

Re: Resort attire

  • I travel frequently throughout the South Pacific. It tends to be beach casual during the day and resort casual at night. Beach casual is tunics or cotton dresses for me, t-shirt for DH. We both wear flip flops and stayed covered when walking around. At most 5 star resorts, men are required to wear long pants and closed toed shoes to dinner. Some require collared shirts and sports coats for certain restaurants. I wear sun dresses to dinner, and maybe something closer to a cocktail dress for something super nice. My shoes are dressier sandals. My DH primarily wears Ralph Lauren and Tommy Bahamas on our trips; I wear J. Crew for the most part, as almost all of my wardrobe for everything is from there! I also recommend Calypso St. Barth for women's resort attire.


  • Thanks.  That seems completely doable, and pretty much what we would do naturally.  Good to hear.
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