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Biggest Wedding Fear?

My biggest fears are totally random things like my DJ or someone is going to die and that my fiance is going to entirely ruin my dress when we cut the cake and whatnot (I know that sounds vain, but I swear I'm not!). Ever since my coworker told me that the dress store that she ordered her gown from burned down a few months before her wedding, I keep getting random fears like the whole DJ dying thing. I'm also nervous that some kind of big fight will break out!

So what is your biggest wedding fear?

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Re: Biggest Wedding Fear?

  • Between FI and I all of our parents are divorced and remarried/in a committed relationship (except FI's dad). My parents can't stand the sight of each other and FI's dad tends to drink way more than necessary and start arguing with FI's mom. My biggest fear is major parent drama of any sort. 
  • I fear my father will get too drunk. Either before he walks me down the isle, before our dance, or even by the end of the night and make some type of scene. He's an alcoholic and only getting worse...but I still want to give him the option and privilege of being there for me and walking me down the isle.

    I also fear that my decor won't match (see my other post in the oct.2015 bd entitles "rustic elegance")...or my strict budget will mean people won't like the BBQ style food. I fear that I will run out of booze (bringing in my own alcohol) and we have a lot of heavy drinkers.
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  • Tiffany101015 We are also considering BBQ style food. I feel like that is actually a big thing right now because I have a few friends/coworkers going for the same thing. I think its a great idea. We've discussed it just because FI and I love BBQ style food and it is our day right?? We are also supplying our alcohol. Where are you buying yours? We are making a trip to DE to stock up on Costco wines and whatnot. A lot of places have a return policy for unopened bottles so maybe grab a couple extra knowing you can have your bases covered and not be stuck with 12 bottles of red wine after your wedding :)
  • @awitmer - I live in Michigan so I might try buying from "duty free" in Canada. I hear it is WAY cheaper...
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  • Ouch, I am sorry, Tiffany. I hope that isn't the case. Hoping for a smooth wedding for you! And everyone here! My biggest fear is things not going as planned, or something falling through, or my sister having a sh** fit bc I am not inviting her to my last fling before the ring! or having her in my wedding. Drama with that one... And I was never asked to be in hers, so...
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  • My biggest fear is either someone from the wedding party or a guest ( which isnt my issue but could make a scene ) gets too drunk. I'm pretty sure Ive made it clear to my husband to be, he needs to wait till after dinner to party. 

    Has anyone started to have nightmares yet about the big day?! 

    I have... I'm wearing my sister in laws veil ( my something borrowed ) and its gotten tore and ruined before the wedding. :( and just recently my decorator and photographer never showed up and my DJ was late not just a little late like 10 pm late. ( hes suppose to be there for 4 ) 

    Happy planning ladies. 
  • My biggest fear is that my dad completely falls apart walking me down the aisle, and then I cry because he's crying and my makeup that I just paid to have done so perfectly melts off of my face. LOL

    I'm also nervous about weather, just because our venue is an all outdoor venue and we're paying a ton of money for the venue AND photographer. Need to get good pics!
  • @Rabecky0217, I am so with you with the drunk guest worry.. FI's dad is an alcoholic in denial, and he gets so..... weird when he's drinking. He gets too lovey dovey at weddings, and I absolutely hate it!! Or he gets angry. Either way, it is not going to be pretty. I'm glad you and your FI have an understanding about being drunk at least! You 2 are what matter most that day :)

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  • I agree with the drama at the wedding, there have been a few issues and we have only been engaged a week.... I am scared that people will be more concerned with, what they want and offended if I leave them out, or just rude.. that is one side of the family. the other side I think just won't show.. but it is not about them it is about US and what we want and having a good time!!

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  • I have two biggest fears
    1) Family that I don't want will RSVP yes, we have a lot of OOTs and my mother made a rule that all of her brothers and sisters had to be invited so that unnecessary drama doesn't happen.  She is one of 14 and to be honest I haven't seen most of them in years and don't really care to. Long story short I do understand the reasoning behind what my mom wants, it's just a thing in my family, but I'm really just hoping that random aunt/uncle  X doesn't after ten years of no contact decides "it would be nice to make a trip to Nashville!" and I have to fork out money for them to eat/drink.

    2) This is only a fear in my head I think, but my FI is a musician, all of the GM are musicians, they've all known each other for years, and to put it lightly there are many a parties they don't remember, I want them to remember this one! I know they all agreed to behaving for the most part but there are many hours that they will be alone without adult supervision and I just hope they don't decide that how fast can we finish this bottle of whiskey is a good game to play.  Again I do think for the most part they will behave, I just don't need any crazy drunken wedding stories!
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  • nicole4793nicole4793 member
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    @tngirl409I totally understand your first fear. Having to invite 13 of  your mom's siblings and their significant others would be awful if they showed up after all of these years (I'm sorry if that sounds horrible!!!). I also definitely agree with wanting everyone to remember the night... Especially since weddings aren't exactly cheap. 

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  • I know it is a family thing, and we all feel we need to invite everyone we share DNA with, but it is crazy that you have not talked to them in 10 years, and are expected to pay for them to celebrate a night that is supposed to be with the people that love you the most.. But then again I have to invite people that I expect to cause drama, But can't cut them out...

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  • I highly doubt that the ones I don't want/haven't spoken to in years will actually show up, it would just be a nightmare if we invite 175 and more than 150 actually came....
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  • I keep having dreams about having to change venues the week of the wedding. And I was having these before we even got engaged! Scary thought [email protected]
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    teamc2016 said:
    I keep having dreams about having to change venues the week of the wedding. And I was having these before we even got engaged! Scary thought [email protected]
    The dreams! I had one the other night that it was fast forward to next summer, and I realized that we never sent out our save the dates!
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