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Cake and Punch Reception Menu

We are having a 3 pm ceremony with a cake and punch reception to follow, is the following menu acceptable.  I realize now that the ceremony should have been at two but too late now for changes.  

Meat and cheese tray with crackers
Veggie Tray with dip
Fruit tray
Wedding cupcakes instead of actual cake
Cookie bar with three types of cookies as wedding favors
Water, soda, sweet tea, sugar-free tea, and lemonade 

I was thinking of adding either mixed nuts or party mix chip.  I'm getting a lot of slack for not having a meal, so we were going to have sandwiches as well but I'm not sure if that takes away from the them of  "cake and punch" .  Let me know what you think, it's a small wedding of around 40 people.

Re: Cake and Punch Reception Menu

  • Not knowing if this is a back yard event or at a venue, what you mentioned is going to add up.  If you're catching flack, you could just do a Subway Party Sub and call it golden if budget is an issue.  Otherwise price out what a basic meal would be.  No one says you need to have a steak dinner, a 2-piece fried chicken dinner can be reasonable (meat//cheese/veggie/fruit trays can really add up for cost!)... 

    That said - What you've got sounds like plenty of variety already for the cake & punch reception - just make sure you've got enough for people to eat/snack on. 

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  • First off, there is nothing inappropriate about having a cake and punch reception since your wedding won't be taking place at a mealtime, so don't let anyone pressure you into doing something that you can't afford or that you don't wish to add to your menu.

    I think that what you mention sounds perfectly fine for this type of reception - although you didn't list any actual punch. Are you planning on having some? Personally, I would, since that adds a little something special to the drink menu.

    As for the other options you mentioned maybe adding, if you do choose to add one, I would go for the nuts. More protein, and I think a nice mixed nut bowl just looks a bit nicer than party mix.
  • Thanks, we are adding sandwiches.. And I totally forgot about the punch.  It will be held at the church hall.
  • Given the added info that it's at the church hall and you've got so many more options - I'd say price everything out for 40 then go from there for anything above cake and punch.

     Those meat/cheese/fruit trays very well may be more expensive than having the deli you're getting them from do a meal that you just bring the Cambro's back..  I know KFC was in the realm of $6/pp for their catering menu. 

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  • Sounds good to me.  You aren't have the wedding at a meal time, so cake and punch reception is fine.  You've added more than enough to constitute a "cake and punch reception".  Such a reception doesn't literally have to be cake and punch, you can add other foods like you did.
  • It should run no longer than two hours.
  • This is completely appropriate. 
    People (apart from the 1%) didn't really have evening weddings and sit down meals until the 80s rolled around, and we all put our giant veils on our giant hair and thought we were in episodes of Dynasty or something.
    Before that, almost every wedding was like yours. Coffee, punch, cake, and meat cheese vegetable trays for the extravagant. Afternoon weddings. 
    It was nice. To be honest, it was happier, and less pressure, and I'd like to see more of it. 

    If anyone thinks you need more, they're simply incorrect. What you're offering is 100% etiquette approved, in good taste, and classic. 
    Go, you!
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    I think if you add more food it starts going into a weird grey area of a light meal. If you start adding a bunch of sandwiches I might be a little confused on if I'm supposed to stock up and pile my plates high or snack a little and just take a few bites. It seems like one of those Catch 22s where if you have too much food that people will eat more and you'll not have enough food!
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