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Recommended Photographer~

I am looking for an affordable photographer (around $1,000-$1,600) in the Milwaukee area, who gives you the rights to the photo's on a CD/DVD. I do not care for posed pictures as much as capturing candid moments. I would like someone with a creative eye, someone who doesn't take traditional or basic/repetitive wedding-like photos. I know this is a lot to ask for... anyone have any suggestions? 

Re: Recommended Photographer~

  • sandra_alexsandra_alex member
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    You should definitely check out Joe Hang or Ken Cravillion.  We went with Joe Hang because he was more affordable.  He shot our wedding last August and the pictures turned out great.  Ken also does amazing work too so you can't go wrong if you choose him.  They both give you rights from what I believe.
    Otherwise by your description and budget the price range for your target area, those kind of photographers don't really don't exist for that price.  You'll probably have to compromise quality of work if you do decide to stay within your budget and I have yet to see a good photographer in that price range.

    For that your probably looking at the $3000-$4000 range.

    Just remember you get what you paid for.
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    Thanks, I'm already in contact with Joe Hang. You made some valid points... perhaps other people like yourself have found these up-and-coming photographers that aren't charging an arm and a leg. Anyone else's input would be appreciated! 
  • mg321mg321 member
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    Jadon Good! He's an up-and-comer and has a really creative eye, in my opinion. He's not doing our wedding (a close OOT friend is), but he did some engagement shots for us and we were big fans :). He's got a really fun style--check him out! Not sure on exact pricing but I know it's very, very, very reasonable (inexpensive).
  • hdheinzhdheinz member
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    Check our Kayla Richards....she's an up and comer with beautiful work and reasonable pricing! http://www.kaylarichards.com/
  • maggielynn07maggielynn07 member
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    check out: http://www.mlphotographyanddesign.com

    Maggie is an up and coming photographer as well with very reasonable prices!
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    Riitta of RK Photography in Oak Creek. She has a great personality and is very talented. 

    Good Luck!

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    she is booked my date... I already contacted her! thanks though! 
  • preciosa4preciosa4 member
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    Ari Rosenthal photography!  They do great work, right in your price range and are very creative!  Several photographers there to choose from...
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    Cara Zimmerman. She fits all of your criteria and is great to work with.  We used her for our September wedding and she was absolutely great.

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    Olga Thomas!! She is doing our wedding photos and she does  AMAZING work!! Very photojournalistic and she has won photojournalism awards for her work.  I'd contact her if you don't want posed pictures.
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    I love the look of Olga's work- she is booked for our date!!  Thanks for the suggestion!
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    Ditto on Ari Rosenthal Photography.   We went with one of his shooters, Amanda, and were so so happy with the results.  DVD of the high res images included, online gallery so that we could share the images with our guests and not have to deal with emailing everyone pictures.  They were great and quick turnaround.    I think you can go on craiglist too (we started looking on their) , but guys like Joe Hang and others look like they cover up alot of their mistakes with special effects which really is annoying.  Same with Grand Illusion. Yuck.    Olga does some nice work.   Just keep looking. You'll find the right fit.

    Good luck

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    Are you serious?  No don't go Ari or Grand.  Ari and Grand...Yuck!  The people who recommended have no taste.  Trust me I'm doing you a favor!  Keep on looking.  You'll know when you see it.  
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    Don't be surprised if Emily is a vendor posing as a bride.  Joe Hang has several aliases on the forums, you can tell because they mostly have the same Joined on date and several of them post the same Joe Hang promotional emails.  Emily talks about going with a quality photographer andavoiding  cheapo photography, but then "wishes" she'd gone with someone like Joe Hang who is a pretty average, definition of "cheapo"  photographer.  Caution ladies.  Just do your independent research, find pics you like and make your own decision.  You may be reading emails from vendors posing as brides.  Annoying.
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    Adam Shea- fantastic prices, flexible, great photography!

    We looked at Kayla Richards, but was a little turned off when we asked what would happen if she couldn't make it to the wedding.  She replied that "of course" we would get our money back.  That's great.......but what about the photography for your wedding?  Nobody there.
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    Use Light Source Photography. My bride is using them on a recommendation from one of our friends. She really made the photos look like my friend Ashley and made sure that they followed the theme of the wedding - Old Hollywood. They were amazing. Cathleen Warren Light Source Photography!
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