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Wedding Brain!!!!!!!

So have you ever heard that saying "pregnancy brain"? Well I have never been pregnant but I am experience extreme forgetfulness!!!! I have so much going on right now that my brain cannot function haha! I even locked myself out of the house this morning and my honey had to come home from work and let me back in! LOL RSVP deadline was yesterday...I lost/misplaced my original list of who exactly we sent an invite too...so I'm not sure which RSVP's I am missing!! 50% of the catering fee is due by tomorrow...I called them 3 times yesterday to make the payment and no one has returned my call!!! This Thursday I am meeting with my "day of/onsite wedding coordinator" at our wedding venue to map out the setup for the ceremony and reception....then we are meeting with the officiant finally to meet&greet/go over vows.....then we are meeting up with the DJ later that night and I need to have our song list READY TO GO!!! AAAAWWWWW...so much to do and I don't know how it all caught up like this!!

Re: Wedding Brain!!!!!!!

  • Yep, this is me. I can totally relate!  I recently got on the wrong train (I've commuted for 7+ years in the same city), lost my transit card twice, and I cannot remember who I told what to.  I just sent my FI to print our programs today but forgot to get the ceremony finalized with our officiant.  Oops.
  • I can relate. I'm ok at home but at work I kind of am not positive if I've been keeping up with what I should be. I feel disconnected from work. But I've been out of the office doing some work projects so I just feel extra disconnected.
  • Next week I will be faced with the most stressful of work situations for me. I am a nanny for 3 children, ages 3, 5, and 6. Next week, their parents are going over seas for 5 days, so I will be on my own with them for that time. It's going to be very trying for me, and I won't be able to get any WR stuff done, as I'll be "working" 24 hours a day. I will seriously need to battle wedding brain, because as soon as I'm done work everyday, it's pretty much all I do and think about!!
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    @Pepperally - When I'm at work I feel like 'I need to be doing this other stuff instead, but I'm trapped here!!' and then I get home and it's all good and the task I was freaking out over takes me 5-20 minutes.

    @hkda2003 - Nap time and early bedtimes; not to mention kids movies for the kids and a laptop for you :o)

  • Oh man. This is me. I had a cleaning at the dentist. Since i have so much wedding related stuff on my mind I knew I would forget so I had 2 reminders on my phone and a reminder on my work outlook calender. LOL


  • The 3 year old has been off naps for about a year now, and if he does fall asleep, he is up at 2am. Lol. It's going to be an exhausting week!! I have so much respect for single moms, that's for sure!!!
  • Definitely experiencing this! I feel like I just have a shell shocked look on my face at most times, b/c I can't remember what I'm doing. Heaven forbid anything wakes me up in the middle of the night, b/c the brain instantly kicks on and starts racing and I'm up for 2 hours!

    Luckily work is busy, so it keeps me preoccupied, but any moment there's an ounce of downtime I get distracted!
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