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Has anyone been to Cape Town?

I guess I could probably post this on the Honeymoon board, but it doesn't seem to get much action, so I thought I'd try it here.

Anyways, we just booked our airfare for our honeymoon and we are going to Cape town, South Africa!

Has anyone been? Any recommendations? 

Re: Has anyone been to Cape Town?

  • I did a semester abroad in South Africa in college.  We did a week in Cape town.   I loved it!  Now this was a few years ago now, and I was in college and everything was arranged for us, so I don't know how many useful suggestion I'll have.  Table mountain was unique and beautiful.  You could take a trip down to cape point ( most southern point in Africa) and see penguins.  They have wineries nearby.  I was impressed and awed by the tour of the Robin Island prison where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned, but that is not very romantic. 

    Tell us what you have lined up or are hoping to do.  I'd love to hear all your plans and daydream about going back.
  • Thanks @janbride2015

    As of right now, we are planning on 6-7 nights in Cape Town, then flying to Kruger National Park for a 2-3 day safari. In Cape Town, we plan on going to some wineries, doing a road bike tour (FI and I both cycle), going to Table Mountain, and definitely taking some trips to the beach! I feel like it would be a shame to fly all that way and not see Robin Island, but as you said not very romantic.

    It's a pretty full itinerary, but it's the longest I could get off from work, while still being able to find reasonable airfare since we are traveling over the holidays.

  • SmileDamnitSmileDamnit Mile High City member
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    Yes, and it's fantastic!! I went for 2 weeks in '08 during Grad School. Some of my favorite places (with links as applicable):

    * Table Mountain - gorgeous!

    * Robben Island - I didn't love it. Glad we saw it, but the tour wasn't great (felt very rushed and herded through. Probably didn't help that it was the last day, hot as balls, and I got sea sick on the ferry ride over). 

    * Bo-Kaap - neighbor known as the Malay Quarter; it's where my host home as so I was there for the week. Definitely take a walking tour, as it's rich in history.

    * Victoria & Alfred Waterfront - nice little area for shopping & good food

    * District 6 Museum - be prepared to cry

    * Townships - these were hard, and I felt particularly weird "touring" them, but that's how a lot of the people make money so that made it a little easier to justify. In particular, we went to Gugulethu (where you must definitely go to Mzoli's Place) and Khayelitsha (where you must, must, MUST go see Golden the flower maker).

    * Africa Cafe - must eat there; great food, great experience

    * Long Street - great night life

    * Hout Bay - beautiful beach community just outside of Cape Town. I did my work experience at a Safe Park here, but had a few afternoons free to explore and it's just fantastic. You can even take a boat tour to Seal Island.

    That's a good start. You are so going to love it there. I, too, dream of going back and can't wait to hear about your trip.

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  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    @kat1114 - I went to South Africa for my HM!

    Here's the link to my post when I got back and if you want a VERY detailed account, I can email you a ton of info. 

  • SmileDamnit and @ Swazzle- thank you both so much for all the information! It is super helpful! 

    We will be there from 12/30-1/8. I will definitely make sure to post about it when we return!

  • No helpful advice over here, but when I think Cape Town I think Dawson's Creek.
  • amelishaamelisha Canadian Texas member
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    I've been to Cape Town and it is lovely.

    If you want to do wineries (which I highly recommend!) hire a private guide/driver. It is inexpensive and SO WORTH IT. Ours knew everything about the area, took us to vineyards we'd never have found out about, and brought us to the best Cape Malay restaurant I tried the entire trip.

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  • Thanks @amelisha! We are definitely visiting the winelands and we plan on doing a private tour. I couldn't believe how affordable it was when I priced it out! 

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