Eolia Mansion/ Rocky Neck Pavilion/ Mystic Seaport

Hello fellow brides (and grooms if there any here), I recently started looking into wedding venues. I'm considering Eolia Mansion/ Branford/ Rocky Neck Pavilion/ Mystic Seaport/ Lighthouse Point Park. If you have looked into or have had your wedding at Eolia and Rocky Neck, what was the price range for catering per person? Could I possibly bring in my own cupcakes for dessert or do I have to use their catering for cake as well? What does Mystic Seaport cost? It says there is a minimum cost without having to pay for the venue? Or did I misread that and that's talking about something else completely? How much is catering per person? Has anyone else looked into these venues? Opinions? We haven't scheduled a time to meet with these venders, but I just wanted to get some information before I venture out to these areas (they're far from me) and I don't want to waste their time if the costs are just way over my ideal budget. I know costs can easily add up! Which is why I want to do my research early before I get the wedding rush. :) Thank you for all your help.

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    I'm getting married at the Branford House in September, it's a chunk of change if you get married in the prime times, but off season it was only $1500- I believe that's November-April. If you do the Branford house, you will need a day of coordinator of sorts, the lady who is there is a bit flaky! the venue is BEAUTIFUL though. Mystic Seaport was pretty costly....Eolia is similiar to Branford House in pricing from what I know. My day of coordinator did a wedding at Rocky Neck, she said it was BEAUTIFUL and wasn't overly expensive either- the wedding she did there, the bride paid about 60-70 pp for a stations meal.
  • We just got married at Eolia Mansion. They book fast! The caterer we used there was Culinary was awesome & they had a ton of options between food/cake choices & pricing (wish we had gotten to eat more). They also are Eolia often so they know how to help you plan, etc. You should estimate about $100 when you include alcohol. Ours was 2 stations (steak & chicken)/plated salad/table & passed apps (we did mostly seafood)/snacks in bridal quite/juices at ceremony/cake/beer&wine $111
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