Dessert (Cookie and Possibly Ice Cream) Caterer Ideas in Chicago Northern Suburbs

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My fiancée and I are planning on getting married on September 5, 2015 at her aunt's backyard in the northern Chicago suburbs and will be paying for the wedding ourselves (so we're on a bit of a budget). Neither of us care much for wedding cake, so we'd like to substitute cookies and ice cream. While (most likely) we'll buy the ice cream in bulk from Sam's Club or CostCo, we'd like to hire a caterer to provide freshly baked cookies for ~150 people. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Please let me know. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Dessert (Cookie and Possibly Ice Cream) Caterer Ideas in Chicago Northern Suburbs

  • There was a GREAT baker just up the road from our hotel by O'Hare airport (went through the park and turned when on the other side) - I wish I knew the name of it but it was in a little strip mall. 

    As for ice cream - Schwann's - get the portion cups...Otherwise they've got ice-cream and cookie sandwiches that are OMG good!

    Otherwise I know it's further north than you likely want to go but my cousin used Leon's Custard for cookies and frozen custard for their wedding... 

    Of course - Sam's has really great "Cookie cakes" (have it filled with their whipped icing!) that would go fantastic with the ice cream!!!

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    @NormPhillips - I moved this thread to the local board. Food and Cakes is an international board so you'll be able to get better responses here. Thanks!
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    Are you looking for specialty cookies or just the basics?  Depending on which suburb you are near, Lovin" Oven Bakery has stores in the far (Libertyville, Round Lake) northern suburbs.  Oak Mill Bakery and Deerfield Bakery also have several shops.  I use a bakery in Lake Zurich, Touch of Sweets, for all things delicious.  Otherwise, if cost is a factor, Costco and Sam's actually have really good basic cookies as well.
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