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Thank you note question (email or cards?)

I'm a consultant and I manage 3 different teams in different locations across the city. I don't see each team every week because I divide my time between client site an the corporate office. The 3 teams decided to get together and throw me a surprise happy hour for my wedding in 3 weeks. I received 2 cards (from 2 of my teams) signed with the names of the team members with gift cards. Id like to send an email to thank people for coming to the happy hour, but how should I handle thank you's for the gift cards? Here are the options:

1) send 2 emails- one to each team- thanking them (or hide the to: list)
2) send an individual email to each team member
3) write a personal thank you to each person and either deliver them myself or give them to the team's manager to deliver

Re: Thank you note question (email or cards?)

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    #3, with a slight adjustment~ each person who went in on a gift should receive a hand written thank you note. They should be hand delivered by you or mailed, not handed off to thier manager.
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  • Are you talking about 5 people on a team or 50 on a team? If it is a smaller group, i'd send personal thank you cards. If it is a larger group, I would send one group thank you card (if they are in a central location)

    For example,

    My job threw me a shower. I work with about 50 people and have no idea who contributed or not. They also hosted a breakfast for me. I wrote an immediate email thanking everyone and I followed it up a thank you note left in a common area with a thank you coffee cake :)
  • Thanks for the response. Since I don't know their personal addresses and they work at client site, mailing is not an option so I would have to hand deliver.

    There were about 60 ppl at the happy hour, but the cards were signed like this :

    -one card signed by team of 15
    -one card signed by team of 9 plus our subcontractor and one client (who signed the card but is prohibited to contribute to the gift)
  • @indianaalum I like the idea of the thank you card and cake
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